Prime Day – Oct 13 & 14 – Save Up to 96%! But you’d be wrong. Big woofers bark out the bass, and tiny tweeters tweet out the treble.

Just like the previous Triple-Drivers, I wouldn’t consider these “cheap”. This world-music ensemble uses lots of synthesizers along with Celtic flute, bagpipes, and lots of percussion. The Dual Driver sounded nice and clean with good delineation of instruments, fairly deep bass, crisp highs, and clear midrange. Personally, I always find 90-degree jacks a little inconvenient for mobile use seeing as my phone is in my pocket most of the time. I didn’t get any complaints from people while speaking on the phone until I asked about sound quality, which I was then told that I sounded “like I was standing in a big room”. This is not your cheapo plastic pair of buds, folks! The connections are all properly reinforced. – CHECK HERE. Spend some time trying the tips that come with any IEH to find the best ones for you. The control switch works with both Apple and Android devices. So when the Quad-Driver In-Ear Earphones dropped, we just had to hear what 1 more driver could do. You also get two classy gold plug adapters…. But I was less impressed with the new $200 price tag, up from the $99 price tag of its predecessor the Triple-Driver in-ears. reviews of competing products, plus a buyer’s guide to the features you should consider when shopping. I’ve been a big fan of 1More in-ear headphones (IEH) ever since I reviewed the company’s Stylish True Wireless model for Macworld. They do exactly the same thing here. They’re well-built, durable, and look great.
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A bunch of us tried the earphones, and the angle and shape combined with the choice of ear tips made these really comfortable for everyone. The Dual and Triple Drivers use “enameled copper” conductors, while the Quad Driver uses oxygen-free copper, a conductor that is well-regarded in the audiophile community. But we were impressed with all the goodies that come along for the ride. The sound of the Stylish was slightly veiled overall, the bass and drums were a bit restrained, but the cymbals were not harsh at all. The Triple Driver sounded a bit louder, smoother, and more pleasing overall, and the bass was more present.

But in general, we were quite happy with how they contained sound. One thing that really stands out with the Quad-Driver In-Ears is that there is essentially no difference in sound between devices.

As its name reveals, the Dual Driver uses two drivers: a graphene low-mid dynamic driver and a balanced armature.

I would be very happy to listen to any of them in isolation. Obviously, some safety concerns have to be taken into consideration when you’re out and about. However, I do think 1MORE has reached their tuning capability with the triple driver and adding more driver doesn't automatically make an IEM sounding $100 better, as in the case of the quad driver. The Quad Driver’s packaging and eartip selection is identical to the Triple Driver’s. By contrast, the QT5 had a slightly thin, brittle sound, and the Stylish sounded a bit veiled. We’ll try to explain without getting too technical.

The pod also includes a microphone to pick up your side of a phone conversation. The microphone is also not bad, but not great. Joni’s voice sounded slightly brittle on the QT5, and the Stylish was a bit lower in volume and slightly veiled overall. The wire here is wrapped in a durable Kevlar from top to bottom, instead of the woven fabric covering found on the bottom half of the previous model.

Some of the folks around here actually seem content with their $10 plastic Amazon earphones. The other lets you supersize to a ¼-inch jack, the kind you find on pro stereo equipment. Let’s be honest – you’ve only got one set of ears, right? The Dual Driver’s control pod is much like many other in-ear headphones, with three buttons to control volume, skip tracks, and answer phone calls. Is the extra driver really worth a full $100 more?
So if you want four drivers, and add up all of the other pros and find that it’s worth the money then you won’t be disappointed with these new Quad-Drivers. These doo-dads are basically teeny tiny motors that turn electricity into sound waves. As we mentioned earlier, the Quad-Drivers divide up the frequencies with four individual drivers. Technically they have a single dynamic driver and three balanced armatures, but we’ll get to that in the sound quality section down below. The earbuds have a metallic finish to them that protects the four drivers inside. Still, if you have the extra money to spend there are a few reasons why you might opt for the Quad-Drivers instead. The largest 14.5mm silicone tips that come with the Triple and Quad Driver work the best in my ears—in fact, I use them on almost all IEHs I listen to. Though the Triple-Driver in-ears are still a way better value, the Quad-Drivers improve upon many of their design flaws and also sound a little better. 1MORE is no exception. One is that the build quality is objectively better. Finally, I listened to a couple of classical tracks. They’re tied together like your mom tied your mittens, so you didn’t lose them at school. The Dual Driver sounded just a tad lean with laid-back bass, and the piano and cymbals were ever-so-slightly harsh, but the trombone sounded quite natural. They are an impressive $200 IEM that certainly demonstrate that 1More is no Joke, so I will continue to evaluate. These have three buttons: two volume buttons and a single multifunction button between them. The Dual Driver has a graphene dynamic driver for the low and mid frequencies, and one balanced armature for the high frequencies. I think it's possible 1More priced the triple too low and have created a pricing problem for the Quad.

It can be used for volume or skipping tracks, and also taking calls. Is $100 worth the sound difference? Well, for one thing, it’s entirely too easy to lose a true wireless headphone unless you’re very careful. While these are the points where cables usually fail, 1MORE has done their best in keeping the connections strong but still sleek and sexy. Wireless earphones are also inconspicuous – think boring meetings at the office! Most of the other specs are essentially identical as well: 32-ohm impedance, 98-99 dB sensitivity, 5 mW power handling, 1.25-meter cable length, and an L-shaped, gold-plated 3.5mm plug. I began my marathon listening session with “Whirl-Y-Reel 1” from Afro Celt Sound System’s album Sound Magic, Vol. This results in a slightly larger nozzle than other earbuds so if you have a favorite pair of ear tips they’re probably not going to work with these. Unless, you know, you’re doing shirtless things. But what about the earphones themselves??? Having said that, here are my overall opinions after conducting just such a comparison. This is supposed to keep the electrical signals pure and as true to the original as possible.

In any case, it was only a brief listening, so just take my words with a grain of salt. Basically, most little earphones use a single dynamic driver, which is just like a little vibrating speaker.

To compare the performance of the 1More Dual, Triple, and Quad Driver, I listened to several tracks on each model played from an Apple iPad with a headphone output. 1MORE continues to push the boundaries of engineering and shock us with the sound quality they can push out of such a tiny little space. Honestly, there’s no easy answer. But that said, these do cost significantly less than other quad driver in-ears on the market. As expected by now, the Triple Driver had a richer sound, and the bass was more pronounced, while the Quad Driver had a very similar sound that was a bit more airy on the top end. But what’s the point of having four drivers in each earbud?

Perhaps most importantly, 1More claims that the Triple Driver is the world’s first THX-certified headphone, which means it has passed a rigorous set of tests conducted by THX. 1More offers other models of wired in-ear headphones, including the Dual Driver and Quad Driver, which led me to wonder if more drivers equal better performance. The short answer is no, just because the Triple-Driver in-ears still exist for at or around $99. This can be avoided by just lowering the volume a bit of course, but the ability to become slightly harsh at times is definitely present.

So you have to hand it to 1MORE for thinking of their range of customers.

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