He has a Bachelors in History, a Masters in Publishing and is excited to be working with Screen Rant. And hardcore fans are probably wondering whether the Marvel movies will follow the same crazy genealogy as the source comic books, because if they do, then moviegoers are in for a huge shock if Hela's true parentage is revealed. If Asgard's former queen Frigga is indeed Hela's mother, then she is Thor's full sister, but this is never clarified. Thor: Ragnarok introduced a ton of exciting new characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as Tessa Thompson's boozy but vicious Valkyrie, Taika Waititi's comic relief Korg, and Jeff Goldblum's very Jeff Goldblum-y Grandmaster. Marvel Movies is a FANDOM Movies Community. Shortly after Thor: Ragnarok begins, Thor and Loki meet Hela, who was freed from her imprisonment after Odin peacefully died on a cliffside in Norway. Thor: Ragnarok introduced Hela, the goddess of death and Thor’s sister who was imprisoned by Odin for years. So which is more accurate? After barely escaping their initial encounter with Hela, Thor and his trickster half-brother Loki discover that Hela was not only Odin's true firstborn but also the original wielder of Thor's hammer Mjolnir. Loki cried out for the Bifrost to open, but Hela followed them through the portal tunnel, and threw Thor and Loki out of it, leaving them to land on Sakaar. Reunited with their father, Odin calmly revealed that he was dying, forgiving Loki of all his misdeeds, but warned them of Hela's return, and died, slowly fading into golden mist. As with most stories, the details can change depending on the storyteller so when it was time for Hela's big screen debut, portrayed by actress Cate Blanchett, in Thor: Ragnarok (2017), her origin story was changed in a significant way. That's because Hela's father in the comics is — wait for it — Loki! Hela was never Thor's sister. Whatever her backstory, Hela is still a dangerous and yet essential character in both Asgardian and Marvel's evolving mythology. Fighting alongside her father as they conquered the Nine Realms together, Odin became alarmed at his daughter's ambition and warmonger ways. However, when he learned Loki had taken Odin's place and exiled him on Earth, Thor forced Loki to show him where. Hela, however, caught it barehanded. Obviously, it seems like the Marvel Cinematic Universe chose to rework the character's parentage, since Thor: Ragnarok introduces Hela as an older sister to Thor and Loki. We will just have to wait and see if she returns in next year's Avengers: Infinity War and whether the movie will explore her relationship to Loki or not. But a sister? He dabbles into cosplay, movie references, comics, and some anime while also being a Ghostbuster. Hela, as the Goddess of Death, served as his executioner, and they plundered the worlds that would become the Nine Realms.

Hela was born to king Odin Borson of Asgard. But fans think that the comic book genealogy may still influence a bit of a twist in the Marvel movies.

Not so much. Hela explains that she is Odin's firstborn daughter, and that their father banished her after her ambitions for power grew too strong. But all this speculation may wind up being for nothing, since it appears that Hela is destroyed along with Asgard at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. MCU Theory: Loki's Mother is Thor's Sister, Hela, In THOR Comics, Hela Was Instantly Killed By [SPOILER], Wonder Woman is The Last Surviving Hero of DC's Trinity, Who Are The Power Pack? However, when he learned Loki had taken Odin's place and exiled him on Earth, Thor forced Lok… She demanded her brothers kneel before her, but Thor defiantly threw Mjolnir at her. She was Loki's daughter and the goddesses of hell in both Norse myth and Marvel comics and it’s animated adaptations. The MCU has been bringing various characters from Marvel Comics to the big screen for years, beginning in 2008 with Jon Favreau’s Iron Man , which prepared the ground for the arrival of The … With both of those histories in mind, the question remains: is Hela Loki's or Odin's daughter? Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby in Journey into Mystery #102 (1964), Hela was the child of Loki ( in one of his many incarnations) and giantess Angrboða from Jotunheim. But while audiences may walk away believing Odin to have had another daughter they had never heard of, the truth is a bit more complicated. I know, weird, right? Did Batman Actually Adopt Robin in DC Comics? Constantly hungry for more power, Hela would seek to claim the dead that live in the Asgardian paradise Valhalla which would be the first of her many confrontations with Odin's son Thor, with some of those conflicts due to her participation in schemes concocted by her father Loki. DC's New Batman Is Coming To Gotham After Bruce Wayne's Death, Star Wars Art Highlights Luke's New Yellow Lightsaber, Marvel's Black Knight To Battle 'King In Black' Ahead Of MCU Debut, Magneto Hates The Red Skull More Than Captain America Ever Will, First Punisher Original Art Expected To Bring $2 Million At Auction, Captain America is Marvel's Answer To Batman, Not Superman, Alan Moore Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With Comics Anymore, How Ms. Marvel Got A Classic Simpsons Joke Added To The Dictionary, Darkseid's Throne is Literally Made Out of Fallen Heroes, How Batman Punching Out Green Lantern Became DC Legend, X-Men: Arclight, Greycrow, and The Marauders Explained.

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