.votebox-covid-disclaimer { Incumbents are bolded and underlined. BT50.Widget({ width: 50%; .cftable { width: 100%; font-size: .9em;

Incumbents are bolded and underlined.

jQuery( ".votebox" ).each(function( index ) { }, See also: Oklahoma House of Representatives elections, 2020. .mw-body #mw-content-text .votebox .race_header h3.votebox-header-office-name { font-size: 16px; We then went into Wanaka for brunch, which was delicious!

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State Senate | text-align: center; background-color: white; } This number represented 10.4% of all 8,386 candidates Ballotpedia covered in 2019. Candidate, Oklahoma House of Representatives District 70, Oklahoma House of Representatives District 70, .infobox {

She will focus on spending priorities and eliminating duplication of services. padding:7px 8px 8px; font-size: .9em; Satellite spending groups may or may not have expended funds related to the candidate or politician on whose page you are reading this disclaimer.
   text-align:center; For the latest in your state, Children, Youth & Family Services Committee, Oklahoma House of Representatives, Common Education Committee, Oklahoma House of Representatives, Health Services and Long-Term Care Committee, Oklahoma House of Representatives, Oklahoma House of Representatives elections, 2020, Oklahoma House of Representatives elections, 2018, Oklahoma House of Representatives elections, 2016, Research Institute for Economic Development, Profile from the Oklahoma House of Representatives, https://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Carol_Bush_(Oklahoma)&oldid=8041365, Oklahoma House of Representatives candidate, 2020, Oklahoma House of Representatives candidate, 2018, Current member, Oklahoma House of Representatives, State representatives first elected in 2016, Submit a photo, survey, video, conversation, or bio, Ballotpedia's Daily Presidential News Briefing, Oklahoma House of Representatives, District 70, 872 candidates completed the survey in 2019. 	    backImage: "flat", 
overflow-y: hidden; .source-link { max-width: 75px;

display: inline-block; border:1px solid #FFB81F; background-color: #db0000; width: 100% !important;

Largest counties | display: block;

View from our window in Te Anau, you can just spot the lake!

} My aching legs slowly began to work but I hammed it up a bit, (sorry Mark) and got a cup of tea in bed! .cftable th { display: block; display: inline-block; It is Ballotpedia’s goal to incorporate all available scorecards regardless of ideology or number. Carol Bush (Republican Party) is a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, representing District 70.

.widget-row.Democratic { ‘Very punctual’ I hear you cry.


p.survey-response {white-space: pre-line;} and identical twin daughters Rachel (Lindsay) and Robin (Sidney) (born May 2, 1970). In 2016, the 55th Oklahoma State Legislature, second session, was in session from February 1 through May 27. if(document.getElementsByClassName("reference").length==0) if(document.getElementById('Footnotes')!==null) document.getElementById('Footnotes').parentNode.style.display = 'none'; Oklahoma elections in 2020 | © 2020 Getty Images. .mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text {

Who fills out Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection survey? }

We were heading north on the only road there is back past Queenstown, before turning slightly north east to our destination for tonight of Omarama. color:white !important; Local measures | Select this result to view Carole Jean Bush's phone number, address, and more.

color: #337ab7, 

The following list may not be comprehensive. Candidates from 33 states completed the survey. For example, an advocacy group’s scorecard may assess a legislator’s voting record on one issue while a state newspaper’s scorecard may evaluate the voting record in its entirety. .results_row.winner { We headed off on our drive for the day from … Continue reading A Bridge Too Far, We awoke this morning to the sound of rain. Carole has worked as a stewardess for a while, but mostly as a model.

Note: The finance data shown here comes from the disclosures required of candidates and parties. Education: Carol believes that a strong public education system is critical to economic growth and sustainability. margin-bottom: 4px; Ballotpedia is seeking 100 percent
In 2017, the 56th Oklahoma State Legislature, first session, was in session from February 6 through May 26. She was also the girls' business manager. font-size: 0.9em;

(Pretty fast too, chasing one another in and out of the … Continue reading Heading South, We were up bright and early today, as it was Mr B’s birthday. width: 250px; overflow: hidden; The candidate filing deadline was April 15, 2016.

text-align: center; width: 90%; Environment | .race_header.democratic { font-weight: bold; border-radius: 50%; }

position: absolute; Court of Criminal Appeals |

background-color: #f9d334;

Voting in Oklahoma | background-color: #6db24f; div.survey-scrollbox { height:400px; overflow:scroll; margin:20px; padding:10px; border:1px solid gray; } Carol will work diligently to champion responsible spending and investment of taxpayer dollars.

When the girls were little, Carole was always with them on the set, coaching one twin, while Lady Knox is a geyser which spirts water at 10:15 every morning. Some 2020 election dates and procedures have changed as a result of the coronavirus.

In 2018, the 56th Oklahoma State Legislature, second session, was in session from February 5 through May 3. [10] The committee granted her a pay raise from $95,000 to $165,000 a year, an increase of 74 percent.

Elections calendar | This was the view from out of the back of the camper van: Our campsite pitch was frequented by a friendly tribe of cheeky Wekas who were always on the lookout for food, and extremely noisy!

} Join Facebook to connect with Carole Bush and others you may know. .non_result_row { background-color: #003388; Immigration |

{{familyColorButtonText(colorFamily.name)}}, Voir les {{carousel.total_number_of_results}} résultats. Bush's campaign website highlighted the following issues: .cftable {

let scrollHeight = jQuery('.results_table_container').get(index).scrollHeight;

Select 100 images or less to download. background-color: red;

font-style: italic; There was no furniture, and no students. .widget-row.Libertarian {

Heading South. margin-bottom: -2px !important; Click here for an overview of legislative scorecards in all 50 states. .mw-content-ltr td.votebox-results-cell--text, Mark and I got up early as we were going to the fancy hotel in town (teaching the staff basic English).

She obtained her license to practice law in May 1988. padding-top: 8px; Healthcare | Click here to request Getty Images Premium Access through IBM Creative Design Services. borderColor: "#9C9C9C", .race_header.libertarian { Public pensions | font-size: 20px; .electionsectionheading { .votebox-results-metadata-p { font-weight: bold; } list-style-type: circle; margin-bottom:0px; Carole Kay Campbell was born on March 5, 1939. The results have been certified.

JJ Burnam advanced from the Democratic primary for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 70 on June 26, 2018.

margin: auto; } This number represented 6.9% of all 28,315 candidates Ballotpedia covered in 2018. padding-left: 16px; Carole and Billy got divorced in 1991, and today she lives on the Malibu ranch where the

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letter-spacing: .04em; We arrived, met the Vietnamese teacher Thao (pronounced ‘tow’ as in the beginning of ‘towel’) and found the room we were teaching in.

Noteworthy respondents included, 1,957 candidates completed the survey in 2018.

Out of the 872 respondents, 237 won their election.
Incumbent Carol Bush is running in the general election for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 70 on November 3, 2020.

Incumbent Carol Bush defeated Taylor Woodrum in the Republican primary for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 70 on June 30, 2020. .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper { vertical-align: top; .cftable td {
} else { We need to lock up the people we are afraid of but not the people we are mad at. p.survey-response {margin-left:10px;}

div.oneoff-scrollbox.short { height:250px; overflow:scroll; margin:20px; padding:10px; border:1px solid gray; }


text-align: center;

} color: black; Carole Bush est sur Facebook. }

The following table lists bills sponsored by this legislator.

A scorecard evaluates a legislator’s voting record.

Ballotpedia features 318,121 encyclopedic articles written and curated by our professional staff of editors, writers, and researchers.

[1], In March 2009, she was appointed county judge by the Ellis County Commissioners' Court to fill the unexpired term of Chad Adams, who resigned to take a position in the private sector. padding-left: 10px; padding-bottom: 8px;

We must invest in our education system - attract and retain quality teachers, provide resources that reduce classroom size, eliminate unnecessary testing and allow our teachers to focus on teaching. left: 0;

} }

color: white; Carole Greenbush Carole Kay Campbell was born on March 5, 1939. Pour élargir votre recherche, essayez ceci : Vérifiez qu'il n'y a ni faute d'orthographe, ni erreur de frappe. } .results_row td { overflow-x: auto; }

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