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He has held the IBF heavyweight title since April 2016; he’s won both a gold medal at the Olympics and a world title by a major professional sanctioning body. Cardio, weight training, boxing training, etc. He eats his meal about 4 hours before the fight and makes sure he eats foods that aid digestion and provide his with the energy that he requires in the ring. That is a massive calorie count but still less than the diet Gregor Clegane a.k.a. He shared a pic on Instagram of himself eating healthy. Otherwise, the 5000 calorie count will only end up hurting you, instead of strengthening you. So while these drills help him in maintaining the frame, the flip side of his life remains the consumption of rich diet. The idea is to get all the important vitamins, minerals and fibre into the body. Afternoon, on the other hand, is dedicated to strength and conditioning, which includes deadlifts and press. Joshua says himself he doesn’t strictly follow the diet to a tee and does have the odd occasion where he enjoys a meal at Nandos. The hours have been put in in the gym and the discipline has been maintained with his diet. His protein sources include meats like chicken and fish. If you fight in the heavyweight class, you should design a diet plan similar to the one above. Shop Now :…. He incorporates body weight training and weights into his workout regimen, but prefers body weight training. Dinner in Anthony Joshua diet plan. “I’ll go onto… wild rice, some salmon and a lot of veg.” And the fun part is, he will probably eat that again. Flawless. Men’s Health caught up with Joshua to get the secrets behind his husky body. But even then, he makes sure his diet remains healthy. AJ is currently the unified IBF and WBA world heavyweight champion. But Joshua is prepared. The diet plan above is for training camp, where AJ focuses on carbs and protein intake. So here it is: A sport like boxing demands a great level of core strength and the 29-year-old makes sure he bifurcates his training regime to absolute perfection. Joshua, since the beginning, knew his priorities, and working immaculately towards achieving his goals has what made him one of the best. It has a greater impact than gym workouts and he wishes to incorporate it into his cardio. We will be back with another athlete’s diet plan soon, stay tuned! Lunch. When you are training this hard and burning so many calories, it is crucial to fuel with healthy protein and a lot of carbs to fuel the workouts. He consults with his nutritionist to create the diet plan that can get him through the training camp and get ready for the fight. He recently Instagrammed a workout video for his admirers. He was happy that people from all over UK joined him for the training session. He incorporates body weight training and weights into his workout regimen, but prefers body weight training. Let’s look into his intense workout regimen. are all part of his daily workout routine. The road to becoming a unified world heavyweight champion though was never going to be an easy one. Cardio, weight training, boxing training, etc. All Rights Reserved. But he makes sure he eats enough protein and carbohydrates on a daily basis. Men’s Health caught up with Joshua to get the secrets behind his husky body.

Joshua’s Diet consists of tons of lean meats, fish, starchy carbs like rice and sweet potato, fruits, and green vegetables, nuts, yogurts, honey and. Joshua recommends his fans maintain consistency in their workouts. He likes to train in an altitude center, which is different than training in the gym. Sources: Joshua is very particular about his diet (Credits: Instagram), And yes, he has cheat days too. For breakfast, “I have porridge or something like that,” says Joshua (as quoted by MensHealth). Unlike boxers in other weight classes, heavyweights don’t have to worry about a weight cap. Joshua’s diet is not only limited to proteins, as his final meal of the day – Dinner – contains carbohydrates. On Fight Day. With that kind of diet, Joshua trains for hours during the day. The video depicts his immense strength and dedication to working out. The basis of his diet … Anthony Joshua reveals the training secrets that helped him build a lean and muscular physique, which has helped make him a faster and more dangerous boxer We wish him luck on his upcoming world title. And one such glimpse was given by the boxer a couple of days back when he was seen lifting a whopping a 20kg weight with his jaw. So what do you think about this crazy heavyweight diet?

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