", Kathleen Howard of Stanwyck's character in, Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Series. Wilder and Chandler describe the interior as: Spanish craperoo in style…. "1000 Movies You Must See Before You Die", Quintessence Editions Limited, pg.

[25] In an effort to improve it, Mack decided to expand Ruby's part to include more pathos.

[8] Ruby and her older brother, Malcolm Byron (later nicknamed "By") Stevens, were raised by their eldest sister Laura Mildred (later Mildred Smith), who died of a heart attack at age 45. [20] In Meet John Doe she plays an ambitious newspaperwoman with Gary Cooper (1941). She seemed to have the quality I wanted, a sort of rough poignancy. A wrought-iron staircase. [70], In 1936, while making the film His Brother's Wife (1936), Stanwyck became involved with her co-star, Robert Taylor. I’ve always thought the house beautiful and well-suited to its penninsula-shaped lot, but  Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler, who co-wrote the screenplay, could not have agreed less. [94] He appeared in two films that starred Stanwyck: The File on Thelma Jordon and No Man of Her Own, both released in 1950. Described as one of the ultimate portrayals of villainy, it is widely thought that Stanwyck should have won the Academy Award for Best Actress rather than being just nominated. 925: don rickles 929: donna reed Some say that you could judge a man by the books he reads. And so, tonight, my golden boy, you got your wish."[57]. [2] An orphan at the age of four, and partially raised in foster homes, she always worked; one of her directors, Jacques Tourneur, said of Stanwyck, "She only lives for two things, and both of them are work. [citation needed], In 1983, Stanwyck earned her third Emmy for The Thorn Birds. [74] There have been many rumors regarding the cause of their divorce, but after World War II Taylor attempted to create a life away from the entertainment industry, and Stanwyck did not share that goal. I would like to buy Barbara Stanwyck’s California Spanish Colonial house in Double Indemnity (1944) and for that Billy Wilder/Raymond Chandler appraisal price, I could certainly afford to finish paying for it. They had one son, Brian. [46] Her insolent, self-possessed wife is one of the screen's "definitive studies of villainy - and should (it is widely thought) have won the Oscar for Best Actress", not just been nominated. (London, 2003). [76], Stanwyck was one of the best-liked actresses in Hollywood and was friends with many of her fellow actors (as well as crew members of her films and TV shows), including Joel McCrea and his wife Frances Dee, George Brent, Robert Preston, Henry Fonda (who had a lifelong crush on her[77][78]), James Stewart, Linda Evans, Joan Crawford, Jack Benny and his wife Mary Livingstone, William Holden, Gary Cooper, Fred MacMurray. Explain. [37] The Lady Eve is among the top 100 movies of all time on Time and Entertainment Weekly's lists,[38][39] and is considered to be both a great comedy and a great romantic film with its placement at #55 on the AFI's 100 Years ...100 Laughs list and #26 on its 100 Years ...100 Passions list.

As Stanwyck's film career declined during the 1950s, she moved to television. I would like to buy Barbara Stanwyck’s California Spanish Colonial house in Double Indemnity (1944) and for that Billy Wilder/Raymond Chandler appraisal price, I could certainly afford to finish paying for it. James M. Cain, who wrote the book on which the movie is based, no doubt concurred because his own description is even more withering: It was just a Spanish house, like all the rest, of them in California, with white walls, red, tile roof, and a patio out to one side. A stage, film and television star, she was known during her 60-year career as a consummate and versatile professional for her strong, realistic screen presence. ... in Coldwater Canyon in L.A. Find all sorts of information about Barbara Stanwyck on The Movieland Directory. “If you happened to drop in at the ranch, you wouldn’t feel comfortable unless you dressed to romp with the dogs, go riding in the hills, or walking through the alfalfa,” reported a 1939 press release about Marwyck. Stanwyck got her start on the stage in the chorus as a Ziegfeld girl in 1923 at age 16 and within a few years was acting in plays. Their opinion of the house plummets when Neff goes inside. You are currently reading The Double Indemnity House, from Book to Film to Reality at Under the Hollywood Sign. [10], Stanwyck's first sound film was The Locked Door (1929), followed by Mexicali Rose, released in the same year. According to her friend and Big Valley co-star Linda Evans, Stanwyck cited Taylor as the love of her life. She also occasionally served as a dance instructor at a speakeasy for gays and lesbians owned by Guinan. A six-furlong racing track allowed the yearlings that they bred to be trained at a young age.

In Stella Dallas (1937) she plays the self-sacrificing title character who eventually allows her teenage daughter to live a better life somewhere else. As for breeding…in one year alone, 72 mares were bred at the ranch. [32] In The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933), another controversial pre-Code film by director Capra, Stanwyck portrays an idealistic Christian caught behind the lines of Chinese civil war kidnapped by warlord Nils Asther. Schackel, Sandra. Stanwyck and Zeppo Marx were not directly involved with the racing or breeding, but let manager Harry S. Hart handle this aspect. In season, these horses would be out racing at Bay Meadow and other tracks across America. Though I’ve not read the original novella, Cain himself was apparently dismissive of the Spanish houses – writing: […]. In any case, the Double Indemnity House looks much better today than it did in “Double Indemnity.” Mature landscaping and the presence of other houses have softened its exterior, eliminating the sun-baked starkness that made it a believable setting for adultery and the hatching of a murder plot. [86][87] It opposed both communist and fascist influences in Hollywood. Neither film was successful; nonetheless, Frank Capra chose Stanwyck for his film Ladies of Leisure (1930). In 1941 she starred in two successful screwball comedies: Ball of Fire with Gary Cooper, and The Lady Eve with Henry Fonda. [40][41], Next, she was the extremely successful, independent doctor Helen Hunt in You Belong to Me (1941), also with Fonda. [18] A few months later, she obtained a job as a dancer in the 1922 and 1923 seasons of the Ziegfeld Follies, dancing at the New Amsterdam Theater. [71][72] She and Taylor enjoyed time together outdoors during the early years of their marriage, and owned acres of prime West Los Angeles property. Roles in such films as Shopworn (1932), Baby Face (1933), Annie Oakley (1935) and Stella Dallas (1937) quickly made Stanwyck one of the most popular actresses in tinsel-town.

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