This is a great app to add to your evening routine. My favorite features are being able to set up different profiles, time limits, and the control over what the kids are watching. Why we like it: The app features games and puzzles with all of your child’s favorite characters on PBS’s kid-friendly programs (including Arthur, Sesame Street and WordGirl), plus weekly educational videos. (No wonder it’s an Apple Design Award Winner.) I enjoyed the review. I like that it offers fun and educational videos in one place, I would like to win it for my daughter as a tool to help her learn new things. Toddler apps can be a beautiful thing for a parent. I love that it has activities for a wide age range of kids! Download on: Apple, Android, Kindle, Windows Price: Free I have a feeling it can only be downloaded in Australia and New Zealand, but if you are outside of these countries and can access it please let me know. Why we like it: This coloring app for toddlers boasts more than 160 coloring pages and more than 100 colors to color with. I’m glad you found the list helpful. Lots of recommendations for this one, and who could blame them. “With a lot of the games out there, you’ll be looking at something and then you get a pop-up, or it tells you to go somewhere else. I want an iPad because I think it’d be nice to be able to check my social media and emails on the go! Is it engaging? I bet my nephew would really enjoy it! This post has been updated to include the best apps for toddlers 2029. Are you looking for the best apps for toddlers? Setting Limits on Screen Time Find at:, The app: The Wheels on the Bus

I could get a lot of work done faster with this! Toddler apps that just ask kids to swipe their finger don’t count as active. The characters react to a child’s touch, coming to life on the (digital) page, and help teach kids one of life’s most important lessons: Never judge a book by its cover. Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Dinosaur Train are just a few of the great kids shows that can be streamed. I don’t advocate letting your toddler spend a lot of time playing apps on tablets and phones, but as an educator and parent, I can definitely see the value in supervised play with some of the fantastic educational apps that are available.

There were several apps that were recommended many times, along with some great new suggestions. With the beautiful images that you would expect from Eric Carle, this app is a fantastic first app for toddlers.

Featuring Elmo (obviously) there are songs, activities and an interactive potty chart. Experts say there are about 120,000 toddler apps out there (and counting!) But some toddler apps offer more learning opportunities than others. If your toddler refuses to let go of the tablet or phone, tell her it’s time for the tablet to ‘go to sleep.’ It’s age-appropriate while also conveying that the tablet is off-limits now,” Elgersma says. If it encourages interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), let’s say, or literacy, then it has the right to call itself an educational app, she explains. And one more bonus point: Do your toddler apps have a well-established learning goal?

And as they grow, your kids can design and build their own city with the Toca Life apps. Between my toddler and my 5 year old we have played almost all of them and they are all great. Oops – says to comment again about why I would love to win an iPad. My favorite feature would be personal profiles. A new tablet that can play the latest apps and programs would be wonderful. They can then feed their creations to the customers and gauge their reactions—it’ll be different every time.

Find at:, The app: Toonia Colorbooks Phonics Ninja. Best Apps for 3-Year-Olds

For ages: 2+ made especially for preschool-age children—a seemingly impossible number to sort through. They are apps that I would happily let my own toddlers play (in small, supervised sessions of course) and that I highly recommend. The Tale of Peter Rabbit For ages: 2+ If I won this iPad I would gift this to my husband. Your preschooler can slash her way through letter sounds, blends, and diagraphs with this cute ninja. Each activity that’s successfully completed comes with an immediate reward where your toddler will get to choose a sticker to add to her collection. I like how you can see what your child has been doing with the app. ABCmouse, an educational app with a subscription-based service, gets our vote for the best overall app for toddlers. ", "Fun, engaging apps full of bright colors and great sounds on cooking, taking care of pets and patients.

Download on: Apple, Android

As for more app ideas, my 2 year old really likes the Sago mini games – especially the dog in space one. There’s also a multi-touch option, allowing your toddler to color—and interact—with siblings, friends or you.

Download on: Apple, Android, Kindle A big, colorful, three-scoop ice cream cone party for all the characters, which any kid can get behind. “My daughter loves the character-inspired educational games, the coloring and the videos,” one Bumpie tells us. and also i use DINOSAUR TRAIN A TO Z it’s a another best app for toodlers. Why we like it: The Endless monsters are the true stars of this beloved app, leading fun (and funny!) Although it isn’t free, it certainly goes the distance if you’re looking for a great educational app for kids. I especially love the Daniel Tiger Griffic Feelings. (One reviewer wrote that when her child read the hardcover version, he couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t speak to him.) Separate profiles & cross platform = win! After having a closer look at your recommendations I have compiled a list of Apps your toddler will love! My favorite feature is the easy monitoring of child activity. Find at:, The app: Bramble Berry Tales: Sasquatch I would like to give it to my granddaughter. Instant entertainment. He loves learning on mine when he visits and she could use it to help him more at home.

There are very few apps dealing with this issue well, and this one is definitely worth the investment. The range of educational and entertainment-based channels, with the necessary restrictions to prevent children accessing content that is too mature for them. This is one of the most simple Toca apps, suitable for kids as young as two. Price: Free They have such short attention spans.

Price: $2 I like being to control which channels my child has access too. Why we like it: In this toddler app, the beloved real-life coloring book transforms into a 3D experience. thanks! Price: $3 Find at:, The app: Disney Junior Appisodes This is from the award winning Fox & Sheep app designers and so far I have loved everyone of their apps. Best Coloring Apps for Toddlers It seems like an amazing tool! Super interactive and fun.” ( Other games in the series let you ride a train, build a car or go to space.) Find at:, The app: Mickey Mouse Playhouse Color & Play For ages: 2+ I think these would be great to use when traveling or waiting for an appointment. This post has been updated to include the best apps for toddlers 2029. We are always reviewing new apps. There are a coup;e of apps that I don’t have and I’m going to see if the grand kids like them. I’ll have to check that one out Susie. My 2.5 year old knows about 1/2 his letter SOUNDS because of it!

I really love this toddler app, and you can read an in depth review of it here. The kid-friendly app is brightly coloured help to teach your toddler how to trace the alphabet and learn phonics. Once you’ve established your family media rules, it’s time to find the best digital content for your kids. This is great for when you’re kids are different ages. No longer is your early reader just following along— she’s helping the story and illustrations come to life—and learning about her senses along the way. Find at:

Apps for toddlers are great, as long as they’re not super loud and have some educational value! If you’re worried about your toddler dropping or breaking your own phone or tablet (I’ve had that happen to me!)

These ones are available HERE.
Which is why we’re going to help steer you in the right direction. There are many lessons to choose from that teach reading, math, coloring, counting, and music skills. I would like an iPad for reading, playing games and sharing with my nieces when I babysit. Favorite feature is controlling what your kids can do, but reasonably.

The activity is brought to life by stunning visuals and beautiful, calming background music your kids will love. This is a great list. I also think that, once they’re developmentally ready, building that comfort level and having kids create things with digital media gives them a sense of power—they’re not just consuming media, they also get a sense that they’re creators too.”, Peter Gray, PhD, a research professor in psychology at Boston University and the author of Free to Learn, agrees. It’s simple enough for even the youngest of players to grasp, and it’s fully customizable too.
This is another paid app, but well worth it.

Thanks for coming up with it!

Some of the main reasons that I recommend this tablet for toddlers is: You might also want to look into headphones as well. Find at:, The app: Disney Story Central Download iTunes  or Android *only available in Australia and New Zealand. I think you read my mind!

Awesome list! But with toddlers, you may have to handle the situation differently.

Download on: Apple, Android, Kindle This app will help your toddler identify, write and understand the numbers 0 through 9 with interactive and colorful games. I like that it shows children friendly Television available to view on the tablet. NIGHTY NIGHT CIRCUS is a nice app i use this app . PBS KIDS – FREE is a nice android todders app.

Price: $3 My favorite feature is that I can view from the parent area the amount of time and what my daughter watched. I just downloaded three of these! I like that you can set time limits with the FlareKids app. Why we like it: The true purpose of this task-based toddler app? Why we like it: One of our Bumpie moms says, “It has easy-reader e-books for beginners, and lots of options as they grow.The app comes with four free books to start, but if you want more, you can find codes for free books online—and they do give away books around the holidays! And there are animals—always appreciated. Find at:, The app: PopOut! “Many of the toddler apps out there are silly, like a dog asking, ‘Where is the triangle?’ over and over, and when you find it, there’s this disembodied clapping on the other end.” Her point? “While this criteria isn’t necessary, it’s a plus! Find at:, The app: LEGO DUPLO Ice Cream The puzzles make a great choice for older kids. A great app for the older toddler (recommended for ages 2+). I like the flexibility and controls for usage. They also include weekly video features focusing on an educational topic, and have a great parent control panel which allows you to add particular shows to your toddler’s favorite list. “Take a game like like a Minecraft, for example. Why we like it: Parents rave about this app because it puts an exciting spin on an old classic with interactive pop-ups.

Lots of rewards and praise in the app too! I was keeping this on my ‘blog topics to write’ list now I don’t have too. I like that you can set up different profiles. Benefits of Toddler Apps Not sure where to start? If your toddler loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar book then they will love the app too. It’s easy to switch between users so all your kids can get in on the learning action. That’s okay—to an extent. Thanks for sharing this on our page – I am entering Our tablets are old and we could use an update. 2.

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