I’m having real problems trying to trigger IFTTT when everybody has left the house. Hopefully this is reliable! Tado + IFTTT + blink = no good. For example, you can set your security system to automatically arm when you leave the geofenced area and disarm when you re-enter it. Is the camer armed or not, the answer is always “maybe” Surely I don't need to keep the app up 24/7 for this to work, right? My Tado thermostat app has good geofencing (although I pay it little attention) lol! A confirmation email has been sent to: . There was a direct integration developed by a third party, which Blink shutdown a couple months ago. There are quite a few people active on both this forum and ST’s, @lmosenko and @RightHand are two that come immediately to mind. Let’s face it - you didn’t do your research BEFORE buying and now you expect Blink to redirect manpower and resources to cater to your needs. I can setup ITTT With 1 phone. Like @suttyblink said, I’m not sure how that could’ve worked. yeah there was another geofencing topic kicking about...  a good point of reference i find with my android phone is as long as data is on, location is on, it should be ok. Later andoid versions such as Nougat will kill background apps,  make sure the Arlo bird icon is always in your taskbar ( therefore running ), if you need to know how to ignore apps from going to sleep, let me know, https://community.netgear.com/t5/Arlo-Pro/Geofencing-not-turning-on-automatically/m-p/1288885#M13706. So I finally have the Smartthings hub set up (what an unfriendly thing it is). Better yet, just add blink support in existing cloud cam app. I have other devices that geofence fine - it can’t be that hard to do? Thanks for getting back to confirm function. I know IFTTT is not an official solution, and it’s nobody’s fault that it won’t work. Search for something specific or select a product or category for helpful articles and videos. I tested this prior to deployment, but recently read where another user also got recordings with a seemingly downed sync module, and having just read your comments I thought I would try it again. On the flip side I did set that up and it works so far. Only thing you can really do is create as many applets as possible based on your other integrations, if you have any that have the home/away status. I hear that blink has dropped all support for SmartThings. r/blinkcameras: Blink is small, battery-powered and truly wire-free, so it’s simple to place and move within any environment. But it’s possible for your phone to totally cripple accurate geolocation, regardless of which app you’re using, with the right combination of settings (or wrong combination, depending on your perspective). We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. Please click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription. I can setup ITTT With 1 phone.

Close. Thanks, life360 method seems to work. Smart plug geofenced by my phone switching the blink sync module:

I have read that ITTT with Life 360 works but I don’t know anything about Life 360 but as your setting it up it looks really intrusive (am I wrong here?).

Won’t work for me in that case. I think it’s a stretch to call it a security system…too many feature gaps. Several community members have described problems they experienced when their power went out, or they lost internet, and the sync module was unable to automatically reconnect to the blink cloud when power/internet was restored. So yes, it’s possible to do what you’re asking. Home/away via geofencing is necessary convenience. Zero firmware change. Thanks for the thoughts. so yes, when the sync module is unplugged, the camera does not capture. Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera. This is probably the easiest way, and takes away all of the convenience of blinks wireless nature, but oh-well…. My wife and I have mobile presence setup on our phones, our nanny has a keyfob on her keychain. ST does sell a keyfob, yes. Has anyone tried this? This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. It’s useful when you use it to augment other hardwired cameras.

Blink is not for everyone and people who do research on what is most important to them should be able to make the correct choice of camera systems for themselves.
But Blink has an IFTTT channel, and so does ST, so you can link the two that way. What is the best way to setup geofencing with 2 phones? I can I can do something similiar with IFTTT and Life360 but I find it very hit an miss. Geofences are invisible boundaries created by a combination of hardware (such as the GPS chip in your smartphone) and software (such as the mobile operating system and additional applications layered overtop) such that some event or action is triggered when the hardware passes into, out of, or lingers in the designated geofence zone. Reading time: 26 mins I have since been in the house, as is my phone, and it will suddenly switch me to being away from home, then a few minutes later, will say I am back in it. Likes: 48 ❤. I think this will work fine, for my requirements. You might turn blue holding your breath however. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. will tasker let me choose to arm blink when i disconnect from my wifi?

Cameras don’t function when the sync module is disconnected, according to Blink staff. I doubt you have access to Blink’s feedback channel. Dang, if I’d only waited a few more months. It is the only way to get decent location detection to work. Not necessarily a solution for everyone, but if you have a use for a SmartThings hub, you can use ST’s geolocation and integrate with Blink to do arming and disarming of your cams through IFTTT. Unfortunately Blink’s IFTTT channel exposes waaay less than the old integration did. Has anyone got geofencing to work reliably using any method? Using Life360 geofencing to auto arm and disarm Blink cameras. Out of curiosity, what seemed particularly intrusive to you? While we wait for the blink app to be geofenced can anybody suggest a reliable way of auto-arming and disarming the system? It’s far from perfect, but if you consider yourself the DIY type for stuff like this, you might like it. I use both of those to trigger ST automations in my House. Right after I bought the Ring Doorbell, Amazon introduced Blink 2.0. I’ve spent hours trying to configure that or IFTTT or Wink or Stringify!! Posted by 2 months ago. During the times when it thinks I am away from home, it sends me alerts of us moving around the house (which is very annoying). I'll try increasing the fence size. I set up my Arlo Pro system yesterday, and set up the geofencing.

Blink camera battery connector >>>>>>> geofenced smart plug

There’s always a minimum size to geofencing on your phone, it’s just not designed to be less than like 500 feet or so. It’s a fancy deer/trail camera with WiFi operations and cloud storage. arrive home = faliure rate 50%. It can also send a Webhook to Ifttt. Just a camera that may or may not be working. Unfortunately Tasker is not available for iPhone. (btw no other methods for geofencing apart Life360+IFTTT ? Blink is small, battery-powered and truly wire-free, so it’s simple to place and move within any environment. I’m not going to buy a smartthings hub just for this as I’d b better off buyibg a nest or arlo cam. I don’t understand turning your camera system off while your home. Visit our support page for answers from simple setup to security optimization. I was fortunate, because I made a call as soon as I arrived, so I had a record in my call log to identify exactly when I arrived. Fast enough for me, for sure. You have criticized Blink, Blink personnel, the cameras and the people on this forum. Just visit Amazon possibly to order SmartThings but it gets poor reviews. Using Life360 geofencing to auto arm and disarm Blink cameras. Router would work, and I do this daily at my fishing cabin where I have insufficient power in winter for it to be on for 24/7.

But then I just get alerted while the other family member moves around the house. Can you confirm the system will detect when the app is not longer in range of the hub?

Now I need to find a way to do it Witt my hue lighting but only after a certain hour. But it also offers mobile presence detection, which uses your phone’s geolocation function. I did get a chuckle about not buying 5 more systems. No one wants to manully arm/disarm the cams 8x a day. Blink is a video monitoring system. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the blinkcameras community. Sorry for all the questions!! The problem I have is triggering something when both of them have left the location. First thing to try in increase the geozone size.... some phones use AGPS  and it make the area stutter a bit, Also make sure the app stays running in the background with the gps too. As for other systems, I have no idea, though it wouldn’t surprise me to learn of minor bugs in them all, from time to time. Performed a manual disarm. Both phones are connected as mobile presence sensors. I think it may be possible to install the smarthings app without a hub - so maybe I can try the smarthings option. I’ve yet to try an option suggested by @marktheknife, which was to use IFTTT in conjunction with Life360’s geofencing, which he says is much more reliable. Asking Alexa to arm or disarm Blink and inquiring about the last recorded clips is a lot nicer than having to open the Blink app.
I have never used Tasker for geolocation so I don’t know how reliable it is. @Sung_Sam: Calm down. Turns out I didn’t notice that the blink app takes 1 to 2 minutes to update status, 1. All I want to do is to auto-arm blink when person 1 AND person 2 have left the house. The biggest problem here is that a schedule will arm all of your cameras. This has happened 5+ times over the last 18 hours, and I haven't left home. IFTTT + blink = no good I have read that ITTT with Life 360 works but I don’t know anything about Life 360 but as your setting it up it looks really intrusive (am I wrong here?). I’ve various Blink Systems and unfortunately Life360+IFTTT now works properly at least for me … hope someone at Blink can listen to us … Smartthings not doing what I need. I know Blink doesn’t currently offer arming and disarming using geofencing. To me that’s one of the most important aspects of the system. I have been through the forums and confirmed my geofence is set up corrrectly, and there is not a schedule that is interfering.

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