", "Compared to the pain in my soul, these scars are nothing. Mmm... Can you smell the blood? My sword cries for an unworthy opponent. ", "Losing to me is as inevitable as death itself! ", "The power of Pharaoh Anakaris is as eternal as the desert sands! ", "I'm usually quite nice, but sometimes I lose my temper! ", "I've had knots in my hair that were harder to take out than you! ", "Don't exaggerate it! ", "No jackal spawn trickster will ever be able to defeat me! What chance have you against me! ", "I can eat anything to survive, but you shall be a treat! Please give them to me!!! ", "Opponent destroyed. Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers' Revenge in Japan) was released in 1997. ", "Shh... Can you hear it? ", "What... did you expect me to giggle and squeal "Yatta!" ", "That was too easy! ", "To know and practice, a productive deed for a noble. ", "I'm the eighth wonder of the world baby! ", "Fight means determination. ", "Your bones break like icicles in springtime! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", "You have felt the fury of the beast! ", "I make it a rule to be cheerful all the time. There's no good or evil. ", "Now, don't be shy. You will soon not be able to...", "I am far too unhappy to see the value of winning. ", "A cheap copy, and I do mean cheap, is no match for me! I enjoyed abusing you. ", "I used to be just bits and pieces, now it's your turn. ", "My emotions and body are falling apart. It's your choice! You offer no challenge to me! Don't be afraid to fail! ", "Unidentified lifeform approaching. ", "Use your weapon if you must. It smells like honey. He's a sharp guy! I just speed it up for them! ", "For the sake of the blood of humanity, I will never give up! ", "Violence doesn't solve anything, but it sure does feel good! ", "I can feel my blood boiling, it only brings forth the rage! ", "You had no past, now you have no future! You're going to consume me! Evaluation of target: Wimp. ", "Is that all?! I just came back from there!! ", "Return to the darkness shade! ", "You stupid dummy! ", "In order to face the darkness, one must start from within. Initiating cooling of overheated areas. And then, the head! Recomment unit upgrade. Darkstalkers Resurrection Summary : The beloved Darkstalkers fighting game franchise is back and ready to take the fight to current gen consoles in this double-pack of Darkstalkers games. I'm not satisfied yet! ", "I've never experienced this before but... it feels great! Winning against self "Get thee away from me phantom! ", "You'll only feel a prickle. ", "Everyone has to die sometime! ", "Analyzing fighting ability of enemy. ", "Say hello to my buddy, Le Marta! Unable to continue fighting:", "Enemy's battle power diminished. ", "There is no game more entertaining than that which risks your very life. ", "People hate violent persons. I should not waste my time on such inferior opponents! ", "Huh huh, enough with those old patterns already! Oh well...", "Never give up your dream! ", "Your soul can only be saved by death. Agonize! ", "Your pathetic attempts to defeat me are truly laughable! comes to mind! ", "Hey you! ", "Cry! ", "I will use these claws to tear through any wall in my path. ", "I shall not be defeated. Guess! ", "I don't need eternal love. I'm all covered in scratches now! ", "I am the one who rules evil and darkness. Ha ha! ", "I love slashing people! ", "This's bad! ", "I shall eradicate every last drop of tainted blood from this world! ", "Don't you want to be part of the team? ", "Not bad for a warmlander. ", "Rogue unit deactivated. Jon Talbain (Gallon)/Dark Talbain (Dark Gallon). Continue idle program. ", "Blood! ", "I shouldn't fight right after eating. ", "Don't call me the living dead. I will not let it stain my lips! ", "Maybe I should have given you a hint. ", "Do not be defeated so easily... it lessens my enjoyment. Winning with high health "The forces of darkness fall easier than I had even imagined." ", "Puzzle Fighter, Nightwarriors, Darkstalkers, I do it all! ", "Basically I'm stronger and you're weaker! The birds are chirping. ", "I've just discovered my power, it's electric! That is an insult to me!! ", "I hope you can find something worth devoting your life too! "", "My destiny is not to win, yet I cannot lose out of generosity. ", "You risked your life to fight? ", "You sleepy baby. You nearly defeated me land dweller! ", "The loser's brand looks good on you. ", "No! ", "Can you not fathom the full extent of my powers? The sun is shining. ", "I'll be faster! It added two new characters to the roster, Donovan Baine and Hsien-Ko (also known as Lei-Lei) with addition to the previously unplayable bosses Huitzil and Pyron. It'll make you cry! Move faster! You bad boy! It's the bloodlust! Lord of the living flame! Next time I might have to make an effort! while jumping up and down? ", "Target neutralized. Don't be ashamed, I like it! ", "Fake power can never beat the real one. I don't want an encore! Not until I am rid of all the darkness. ", "Stand up! We fought fair and square! I shall take your head with honor, and hang it upon my wall with pride. ", "When you live as long as I have, you need some distractions every now and then. ", "If you believe you can be saved. Darkstalkers Resurrection is a 2013 video game developed by Iron Galaxy Studios and published by Capcom.It is a compilation of Capcom's two classic 2D fighting games in the Darkstalkers series, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge (1995) and Darkstalkers 3 (1997). ", "One more minute. how many time do you have to die? ", "I am an example of perfection! ", "I want everything... Everything inside your body! I am the hunter, you're the hunted. Darkstalkers 3 also known as Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire was originally released in 1997. ". ", "Not bad mouse! Maintaining tactical alert mode:", "Enemy is destroyed. I promise! True existence? ", "Waist joint overheating confirmed. ", "Is it over yet? ", "Don't make me mad. ", "I like this place! ", "If people don't lose their hope, light can still pave the way. Quote Winning with low health "Your powers are great but my blade shall always prevail!" Don't you think? ", "Your pride has been ripped apart by my claws. ", "I have nothing to fear, since I have nothing to lose. ", "I can't stand this! ", "I am the first and only ruler of this trivial planet! ", "Ha ha ha ha ha! ... did that sound sincere? ", "This trembling is not of dread or joy. "I like the guy's name so much! Category:Darkstalkers Resurrection achievement images, Category:Darkstalkers Resurrection character images, File:Darkstalkers Resurrection Poster Small.png, Category:Darkstalkers Resurrection screen shots, File:Darkstalkers Resurrection Videos.png, File:Darkstalkers Resurrection Xbox 360.png, File:Vampire Resurrection Official Anthology Comic.png, File:Vampire Resurrection Premium Sound Track.png, https://darkstalkers.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Darkstalkers_Resurrection_images?oldid=8604. ", "I like pain, because it turns into pleasure gradually. ", "Can you hear it? I'm the alpha here! ", "How dare you! My mind will remain uncorrupted! ", "A poet's trouble comes from meeting with eternal darkness. ", "People tell me I'm the man of backbone! Alert status ready:", "No reaction of enemy in scan range. ", "The beast within forces me to rip and shred everything! Winning with medium health "Darkstalkers, now you will feel the wrath of my avenging blade!" It is only natural. Praise me. Ben wakes up and Quentin invites Radar over to play Resurrection with them. It is the source. ", "My name is Jon Talbain... the werewolf warrior who is faster than the wind. ", "Unless I am put to eternal rest, I will not give up this battle. ", "Would you do me a favor? They decide that it is a clue left specifically for Quentin, and that they must go over to her house to investigate.

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