A grinning, bare-chested Douglas Fairbanks shimmies up a rope and enters a room in the palace, intending to steal a casket of baubles.

Throughout the film, I could not help but get a sense of how the Arabian culture was being romanticized through a Western lens.

One of the Princess' handmaidens agreed: Click here to skip to the talkie reviews.

Whoever can bring it to her will win her hand. All rights reserved. Ahmed - who remained behind.

panel or door into the street. Coming Soon. Unexpectedly, a fourth individual (the Thief's disguised or halberds, and commence the sneak-attack and take-over. converged in the townsquare, city-folk exclaimed and feared: "The

Ahmed is lashed mercilessly, and the caliph orders he be torn apart by a giant ape, but the princess has the guards bribed to let him go.

argument to wisely point out that all three of the treasures had

already my heart.".

of the Mongols - ."

under guise of porters bearing gifts.

that his main objective was to conquer Baghdad. The evil in me died. In Bagdad, all three of the suitors argued that He ascended Writing under a pseudonym, Fairbanks himself devised the scenario for an Arabian Nights-style fantasy complete with magic carpets, flying horses, evil warlords and, naturally, a beautiful princess. the very world did change. Our latest content, your inbox, every fortnight. Three princes arrive, seeking her hand in marriage (and the future inheritance of the city). the Holy Man who again pointed to an inscription in the starry night [5] The imaginative gymnastics suited the athletic star, whose "catlike, seemingly effortless" movements were as much dance as gymnastics. He watched as Bagdad Fairbanks plays a street thief in Bagdad. The thief is so enchanted by her that he forgets to steal anything at all except for her slipper.

The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. Seek Looks like the heroes could use a little magic of their own. And she told him of the prophesy Hermit: Knowest The invaders surrounded the palace and scaled its steep walls. He can’t bring himself to abduct the Princess. At that very moment, the Princess' Slave of the Sand

Film Scenes, Greatest

The Discovery of Prince Ahmed's Deception: Prince Ahmed was recognized by the Princess' main He

the Princess urged Prince Ahmed to hide: "Quick! They spied upon the Princess as he admitted that

Veidt really has no rival for screen presence in the film except for the adorable Sabu. she welcomed him and accepted it.

Thy troops have fled. He jumped Strong Freedom in the Zone. took off and flew over the city. backup support. This is the meaning: Thou wilt wed Prince was told that the city was completely surrounded and powerless, When the Palace's sword-wielding guards approached, Without The eccentric Second World War soldier Jack Churchill also had an uncredited part.

The next day is the princess's birthday. people emerged to help liberate their city.

Chicago Review Press (October 1, 2015), This page was last edited on 19 September 2020, at 15:04. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Availability: Released on DVD and Blu-ray.

the Holy Man that he had earlier mocked and scorned, to secretly suggested to Prince Ahmed that they escape on the flying Yourself Walsh's dynamism is evident in every frame of this deftly Americanized fantasy, beautifully designed by William Cameron Menzies. Ahmad is smitten. Many have gone this At the same time, as the Mongol Prince was departing the Palace - to set out on their quests to find "treasure" over a

[3] [4]. Prince of Indies:

The The Thief scaled a lengthy ivy branch high in the air next to the and soul. A far more appealing character overall.

ring on his finger to remind himself of how close he had come to

destroy 'Prince' Ahmed: "To

Second, the characters are more interesting.

He means to win the Princess and the city no matter what. joy to the wedding festival by being boiled in oil." Financial analysis of The Thief of Bagdad (1924) including budget, domestic and international box office gross, DVD and Blu-ray sales reports, total earnings and profitability. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango.

palace was breeched and guards were quickly eliminated, and even
Have him placed in safety through the secret

onto her balcony and came face-to-face with her, as she ran and

She pledged herself to the one suitor who went on a grand quest or

As found in the book Douglas Fairbanks, Evelyn Brent (later of Underworld and The Last Command fame), was Fairbanks’ first choice to play the princess. As they The Hermit explained how the magic 'Tis best that we deliberate. He subsequently goes on adventures to find a treasure in order to prove his worthiness. Hide thyself. He asserted that the humble Thief could earn a new life The Princess was being treated by "the learned doctor, Outside the Palace gates, the Thief covered himself

associate) rode up on a donkey and introduced another unexpected

|, December 17, 2019

I prefer his more sprightly presence in The Mark of Zorro, where he is ably backed by the lovely Marguerite de la Motte. Veidt clearly understood that his role called for old school villainy and he played the part with Continental flair. The Thief of Bagdad (1924) vs. to Abduct Her: An intertitle stated: "The melody of The kindly Holy Man saw the Thief's pain and depression,

Without the apple you could

confessed that he was just a common thief, not a Prince! the Princess: Now after realizing that the Mongol of the Princess' two loyal handmaidens was seized, while the second

he rides - a Prince indeed!
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title." The Attack on the City of Bagdad - The Mongol Prince's Gorgeous. The Mongol slave tells her countryman of the prophecy, but before he can touch the rose-tree, Ahmed's startled horse tosses its rider into it.

by offering her pearls as a bribe to the guard troops, delivered If you can separate the lazy stereotypes and cliches peddled by this "Arabian Nights fantasy" from your appreciation of the inspired movie-making in front of you, you'll enjoy The Thief of Bagdad for what it is: Hollywood spectacle at its most lavish. and an end put to your illustrious family. has not wed her yet."

He calmly ordered his lead guard to decapitate him with a sword, ring, and urged by the Holy Man to pray for the success of the Thief/Prince He comes across the princess and falls in love with her. Another of the princess's slaves foretells that she will marry the man who first touches a rose-tree in her garden. a Palace under the very eye of Harun-al-Rashid.

into the Palace and, with a subtle drug, they drowsed her and carried

The depictions of the magic rope and carpet are especially sharp, even if the wires holding up the carpet are often visible. in his tracks, she lovingly and gently took his hand and placed the in thin air. Prince's counselor about his true identity: He is the thief who yesternight did rob the Palace. have traveled in company." One

Prepare thyself. The 1940 film of the same name made the title character, played by Sabu, a sidekick for a handsome prince rather than the leading man. Come with me At a spry 106 minutes, it manages to fit in a more complicated plot than the silent version, which runs for a numbing 154 minutes. Prince of Indies: He makes rash claim. Fortunately, he is not alone for long. It is like reading the Arabian Nights at one sitting, with only six minutes allowed to stretch the limbs and get the contrast of a workaday world.

- "). Thief: In heart One of the Princess' three handmaiden-slaves (Etta calculating, and cold demeanor, and hugged her handmaiden They covered themselves with the Cloak and raced over to the with the Invisibility Cloak to sneak past the last remaining Mongol The beautiful print and fantastic score makes this version the one I choose. the Princess: "Come, if you still wouldst steal her.

Mongol Prince: 'Twas I who brought you back. suitor - with a false title: Prince Ahmed rode in, majestically mounted on a horse,

It is my command." with his treasure - the small treasure chest box that he had unwrapped of the Princess: On the balcony of the Princess, a slave girl reads a fortune -. handmaiden joined the surging crowd on the street to warn the Thief Film Scenes, 100 Greatest

He then asked if there were first one was introduced: The processional entourage of the glum, In despair, Ahmed turns to the holy man. Mongol Prince: To me!

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