FAST offers commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software that helps agencies reduce costs, improve service to constituents, maximize revenues and improve the efficiency of internal operations. people do still get shafted and have to handle the grunt work. Fwiw, I’m actually enjoying my work so far since it’s still a lot of problem-solving, but I don’t see myself staying at Fast forever due to the frequent relocation, so I want to ensure that I don’t become stagnant in the CS field.
I currently work as a software engineer with another business. The only problem would be if you get fired,/laid off, it is hard to get a new job. I don't log into this account very often anymore, so I may not respond to PMs quickly. And it’s still used today. I still have a mystery media mail package on My USPS from last week, and the only thing I ordered before it showed up was the limited vinyl the day before. They also fly the whole company out to an annual company-wide business trip at some resort destination where you drink yourself stupid. The product is still not good, it’s just the shinier turd. What are raises like if you stay with the company? Don't use this website if you're looking to evaluate your career with them. A class! Unfortunately that is all wasted at Fast Enterprises. The original product was written in VB6, and was rewritten sometime in the early- to mid-2000s to VB.NET, where it is today. Press J to jump to the feed.

A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. Nobody at FAST in a senior position came here because they are moving up in their career as a skilled developer elsewhere. First off, Fast Enterprises is a consulting company for revenue, motor vehicle, and unemployment insurance government agencies for ~30 US states with several national locations. Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard. There is also insanely high turnover at the company, because most of the grads who get hired want to go into actual software development, and this job is entirely unfulfilling and detrimental to that goal. I do not recommend becoming a lifer there. I've heard these reviews pushed many, many times and they've even gone so far as to tell people to talk to HR before submitting negative reviews. Basically, Fast owns commercial off-the-shelf software for managing revenue, driver/vehicle, and unemployment services, and it adds configurations to those systems for different government agencies across the country and around the world. Working with Fast Enterprises software is the technological equivalent of living in a time before the wheel was invented. Half the reason I stayed was because all my brainwashed coworkers thought I was exaggerating, so please know you are 100% correct. I’ve met very, very few people I dislike. Like, literally couldn’t remember it. They use an extremely outdated programming language, a equally ancient architecture and on top of all that they have an extreme Not Invented Here syndrome. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the cscareerquestions community.

The impact I get to have and the people i work with for sure keep me here. I believe that I was very well respected within the organization (that may not be true) and I acted in a number of leadership-level capacities. I hadn't thought about the relocation thing (my location is at least kind of near a sort-of-tech hub and I have options available), but if you get sent to Bismarck or Montpelier then good luck. They paid overtime or you could stack for vacation so for some it's worth it but many folks who've lived that lifestyle have ended up with ruined bodies for it. You can't even claim you work on CRUD apps cause that would be an overstatement! This is written from the perspective of an Implementation Consultant (IC), by far the most common role at the company (probably 70% of all employees) and does not necessarily reflect other positions unless indicated to be company-wide. Great benefits, though. The money is not worth becoming completely irrelevant in your field. That means you'll NEVER lay eyes on third party tools or other open source software. FAST puts a lot of pride in their Glassdoor reviews. Unfortunately I can't speak to your recruiting points since it was so long ago since I was recruited and the times have changed a lot since then. If you want to make a shitload of money and don't care how you feel doing then this is the job for you. I worked for this company for about ten years. Their source control, as you have mentioned, is 100% proprietary. What tools and things did you find most valuable during this process?

I will say that your observations on GlassDoor are 100% accurate. That's how low quality the work is. In my state and many, that's their own legislature's fault because they don't understand investment in tech but lol contracting out your entire CS department is expensive. If money is all you want from a job, then this is the perfect company for you! Maybe in 2001 it was a cost saving measure to save on hard drive space, but nowadays it’s an obscure and confusing learning curve for any new ICs, and sometimes users have to deal with this crap too.

(For example, I looked up how much higher the cost of living in Boston is than in Denver, and results ranged from 20% to 35%. I looked for a lot of jobs while working with Fast and matching their salary was impossible. They don’t incentivize ratings within the company as far as I’ve seen, but the culture is so much oriented around trying to keep that number as high as possible. My software engineering skills were way better when I was right out of school than they are after 2 years at this company. This individual was the leading technical position on my project and dictated development practices in standards, but didn't know what a class was. 3. someone who is open to adventure and wants to experience new places around the world. Also, do any past/present implementation consultants have advice on keeping up their technical skills while at Fast? Presumably you didn't spend the whole of the 10 years working on side projects, or else you would have left a long time beforehand. I suppose you do get some exposure to a few relevant soft skills like learning how to interact with a client but any tangible programming skill is going to have to be self taught in your free time, which again takes a lot of motivation if you're on a busy project working 10+ hours a day and then have some semblance of a personal life to deal with. I've thought many times about writing my own review but I know it'd get lost in all the five star, kool-aid fueled nonsense. Totally skews the ratings and the awards that they so proudly like to tout to everyone. Definitely don't accept the offer. I was wondering if anyone had actual numbers for the COLA in more expensive cities because I know cost-of-living comparison calculations can vary by source. You're going to take a pay cut on your way out but if you show potential you will eventually make it back to where you should be. Also a throwaway, not ready to risk my career YET l o l. Don't forget they push people to write reviews on glassdoor immediately after the free vacation/business trip where they've been pushing the Fast Ideology on you all weekend. The people I'd met/meshed well with in my new hire orientation had all quit by two years. The Kool-Aid is real and there are a lot of new grads they hire every year that are "enamored" by the company and encouraged to write positive reviews online. I'm really curious what the new hire salaries for implementation consultants are at FAST, I ask in person and no one will tell me... do all new hires get offered the same salary since most come in as new grads with no experience? Fast Enterprises pushes these reviews HEAVILY and they're almost all by people who have both little experience both with the company and with the industry in general. Fast Enterprises (FAST) is a software and information technology consulting service for government agencies. I landed in an established site and only worked over 40hrs when they gave me extra work but I noticed there was an semi-fraught relationship between Fast and the state--Fast billed the state top tier wages while basically using the site as a training spot for new employees with LITERALLY no code experience. Two were on a new site that was forcing 80 hour weeks and quit before the year was up. Another new grad here that fell into the trap and is struggling to find employment elsewhere as a legit software engineer. Their entire business model is built on preying on new grads that don't know any better and working them to death. The thing is it wasn't even that persons fault. For me personally, I feel like my recruiters were mostly accurate in their depiction of the position to me. There is nowhere to climb, and if you do happen to go up the ladder you'll wind up an ineffective title holder or someone whose back is constantly on the verge of breaking while you try to keep everything held together with bubble gum and band-aids. I actually haven’t seen it, and I don’t think they have either. I think if you are studying on the side and leave after 1-2 years, you will be fine. Oh, haha, I know you now. It’s entirely proprietary, and what little programming I do (about 5% of my total workload) is basically just writing these sort of message-structs that are more SQL queries. People at FAST have literally zero incentive to keep up with any modern going-ons of software.

I'm really curious what the new hire salaries for implementation consultants are at FAST, I ask in person and no one will tell me... do all new hires get offered the same salary since most come in as new grads with no experience? They hire mostly young, bright, energetic folk who for the most part have extremely high potential. It's possible to go to FANG after FAST. glad to know the grass isnt always greener haha. FAST recruits very heavily directly out of colleges; I was hired directly from a career fair, and most of my colleagues were as well. The second interview, where they fly you out to their Denver HQ, is much of the same: IQ-test-y problems, and another very basic string manipulation question. Since I'm not too worried about ever working for this company again I'm going give you some context as a part of this response. If you're currently in this company then there's still hope. The most basic git implementation with a single branch would have more features. I quit a couple of times in between there to work as a software consultant. Focus on improving yourself, so that you can escape the situation you are in. Ironic since that's a pretty good salary for L/MCOL. If you don’t drink the Kool-aid, which they practically waterboard you with, you’re probably not going to be a great fit at the company and will leave within 2 years. In other sense I tend to freeze and not be able to explain concepts which I am truly familiar with. Basically, you can’t learn any kind of general technical skills here. I think in part I lacked the connections to figure out what information are in the interviews.

This post is to perhaps steer future prospective CS graduates away from accepting an offer with them, as they are maliciously misleading with their recruiting tactics and provide next to nothing in your technical career.

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