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On your other AS3935 based decide you say that while I2C is on the board only SPI is supported due to apparently occasional issues and bad support by the manufacturer of the chip, but make no such disclaimer for this product which I assume would have the same issue. You have to calibrate the antenna circuit with them to resonate as near as possible to 500kHz. A lightning simulator is used to test or demonstrate the unit in action when no storms are in the area. GY-AS3935 AS3935 Lightning Detector Sensor Thunder Storm Warning Distance Detection Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi Weather Station(Max 40km) 3.8 out of 5 stars 4 $26.98 $ 26 . The AS3935 has a bank of 16 internal tuning capacitors. verified purchaser, (I live in an area that doesn't get many thunderstorms, so I am still waiting to see if this actually does the detecting part of the detector.). Choose from a permanent lightning detector or hand-held lightning sensors for accurate and reliable lightning detection. CF By Blitzortung.org and contributors. The Lightning Imaging Sensor is approximately eight inches in diameter and 14 inches high, while the supporting electronics package is about the size of a standard typewriter. verified purchaser, Great fun little sensor. Address options 0x00 and 0x01 could cause problems.

AS3935 breakout boards are notoriously finicky and I've run across some painful design issues with AS3935 breakout boards from other vendors. replied on February 6, 2019: That's a great project idea! -- I didn't want to solder anything, so used a Wirewrap tool to attach a 32 gauge wire from a small number of push pin IDC connectors on the lightning board and connected the INT to the GPIO17. Compatible with following models – 01021, 01022, 02080, 06046, 06047. The Optical Transient Detection was the experimental instrument launched in 1995 before the Lightning Imaging Sensor. I was a little concerned that only capacitor tunings 14 and 15 were in range. The first was a red board with Qwiic this one is dark gray. To recap, this is a SparkX board, so the quality of the supporting material is not what you might normally expect from SparkFun. There was a significant decrease in the lightning counts for May and June 2020 when compared to the 5-year average across the Continental United States. Built-in humidity and temperature sensors.

We've also written an Arduino Library to get you prepared for that upcoming storm!

TLDR, they will be coming back in stock. However, if you are looking for solutions to technical questions please see our Technical Assistance page. Weak lightning signals that occur during the day are hard to detect because of background illumination. Storms should be rolling over pretty soon once August rolls in. This system will remove the background signal, enabling the detection of 90 percent of all lightning strikes. Includes: Lightning Detector Sensor, instruction manual, Normal Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:30am–5:00pm CT. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. From their stationary position in orbit, these future lightning sensors would provide continuous coverage of the continental United States, nearby oceans and parts of Central America. Has that been resolved or does Sparkfun also only support SPI for this device? The AS3935 Franklin Lightning Detector gives you lightning detection for your next weather project. by Member #187451 It's really Qwiic + 1 for the Interrupt line, but it runs great, Works really well with Cacti and MRTG on Pi3, 40 km Range with accuracy of 1km in 14 steps, "Disturber" (false event) rejection algorithm. There are two small issues with the breakout board to note. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

He died 100 years too early =/ Using a vantage point in space, the Lightning Imaging Sensor promises to expand scientists' capabilities for surveying lightning and thunderstorm activity on a global scale. Please take our customer survey for a chance to win $500 in SparkFun credit!

This is located in Missouri where a lot of thunderstorms roll through this time of the year. I don't know if that's typical for these boards. On the product is a sensitive antenna tuned to pick up lightning events in the 500kHz band. The byte 0x01 is also reserved as a start byte for manual i2c transmission and would probably be a bad choice. Other Lightning Sensors. Rounding out our list is this lightning detector sensor from Acurite. That alone is worth 5 stars.

images are CC BY 2.0. A real-time event processor then extracts the signal, thus determining when a lightning flash occurs. If you want the fastest severe weather warnings for your organization, you need intelligent weather data powered by total lightning detection. See lightning strikes in real time across the planet. If you have a technical question please check out our Forums. Like all AS3935 breakouts, there is an antenna on the board (it's the part labelled MA5532-AE). The board itself is OK, I think. Easy-mount hanger.

Flashes have also been detected from space during the past few decades by other optical sensors which preceded the GLM - the Optical Transient Detector and the Lightning Imaging Sensor. Because everybody's price is kind of high compared to other sensors you might buy, I suspect the AS3935 chip itself is quite expensive.

I read the spec sheet for the chip and these issues actually spring from the architecture of the chip itself, not from Sparkfun's design of the breakout board. We really appreciate the time you take to give us your extremely valuable feedback on how SparkFun can be its best - we couldn't do it without your input. Our Total Lightning Network™ is the first of its kind. verified purchaser, This is the second one I bought and it works better than the first.

Looking down from a vantage point aboard the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) observatory, 250 miles (402 kilometers) above the Earth, the sensor provides information that could lead to future advanced lightning sensors capable of significantly improving weather "nowcasting.". Check under the documents tab under Library and Example Sketches. :-), about 2 years ago

by Member #743261 98 The code really needs that extra Interrupt connection to GPIO17 or it doesn't work at all.

The sensor was developed by the Global Hydrology Center at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, Palo Alto, Calif., and Kaiser Electro Optics, Carlsbad, Calif. The address 0x00 is reserved for general call, and used to send a command to all i2c devices, so that would be a bad choice.

Browse similar weather sensors and parts to find the best AcuRite weather instrument for your needs This board has gone red! For example, there are settings for detecting from indoors or detecting from outdoors, settings to change the threshold for false events, and settings to be alerted only after a certain number of lightning strikes to name a few. Nice! It seems accurate. I can't give any specific times as parts need to be ordered and build times vary. The Lightning sensor has the capability to utilize SPI or I2C. The Lightning Imaging Sensor will be three times more sensitive than a predecessor instrument known as the Optical Transient Detector — a lightning detector already orbiting the Earth. There is a CircuitPython library now available for the Qwiic AS3935 Lightning Detector and the Raspberry Pi. The Optical Transient Detection was the experimental instrument launched in 1995 before the Lightning Imaging Sensor. Alarm and sound when lightning is detected

I just discovered this and would love to get one! Are you worried about the looming clouds in the distance, how far away is that storm exactly? Too bad Ben Franklin didn't have one of these back in his day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Stepanovich_Popov, about 2 years ago

i2C does the programming and fetches the distance info, but the INT causes the code to go get it.

Other Lightning Sensors. Direct to Wi-Fi Display for 5-in-1 •, AcuRite Access for My AcuRite Remote Monitoring, HD Display with Wi-Fi Forecast for 5-in-1 Weather Station (Compatible with Weather Underground; Display only), PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Station with HD Display and Lightning Detector, HD Display for 5-in-1 Weather Station and Lightning Detector (Display ONLY), -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit; -40 to 70 degrees Celsius, 330 feet / 100 meters depending on home construction materials, 24 second updates during normal conditions; 8 second updates once lightning detected, 5.875-inches Height x 2.625-inches Width x 0.9-inches Depth, Detects lightning bolts and storms within 25 miles (40 kilometers), Get alerted to lightning strikes with a warning light and audible alarm, My AcuRite compatible for remote monitoring with, Weather-resistant for outdoor or indoor lightning detection, Easy installation includes integrated hanger, Strong wireless range up to 330 feet (100 meters), Monitor number of strikes per day, the closest strike, and the time of the last strike detected within a 25-mile radius of your location, View lightning data in realtime using a smartphone, laptop, or computer. The source code, examples, installation information and documentation are available on GitHub. You should just have your eyes open that you need to understand the AS3935 chip itself or you are likely to have disappointing results.

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