I do not remember when this was. I can remember listening to late night interviewers talking to Sinbad about the genie character he played. Is there a more open ended area to comment, or have you all essentially moved on from certain topics? The title of the movie was literally called SINBAD with some other mumbo jumbo after like \” Sindbad man in the lamp \” or \” SINBAD and the wish .\” It took me a moment to recall it … but yes sure enough, exactly as she described the poster. I can remember the mothball smell the 3rd drawer in the chest of drawers in my grandmothers bedroom. I swear it would have been 95-96 timeframe. We arnt talking about a commonly miss sung song and no i don\’t think shaq is sinbad. At times it feels as if I am slipping my grip on what I have always preseved reality to be. This has happened to me several times and one example that just came to mind was from the movie Tropic Thunder. I don’t think I remembered it around the time of Space Jam…but maybe a few years before. Don’t know if its really a timeline thing or not. cretin, I agree that it could be a title that was unmade in this reality/timeline. ), which was “hosted” by the Aladdin genie. My memory isn’t faulty on this one.. im not challenging anyones memories just suggesting the slight title variation.

I don’t recall watching either of them though, only the previews and maybe caught bits and pieces if it was on TV. It’s just not there. Does any one remember that thing Michael Jackson did in space? Because the whole Gregorian Calendar was altered seripticiously in the 1st Century and for instance Jesus real birth was 4 B.C., so our Calendar is 4 years behind Astronomical references. It feels like a missing piece to this Mandella Effect for me. I saw it.. Only, I can’t recall the title of it. If you continue to use this website, I’ll assume you have read & agree with our terms of use and policies. I think whenever the slip occurred, the entire production slipped and became Kazam starring Shaq. So off I went to Google and found the first link to be to Reddit’s thread for this exact memory ( https://www.reddit.com/r/MandelaEffect/comments/3gjlb1/a_movietv_show_starring_sinbad_where_he_plays_a/ ) This was posted 5 months ago. Then, “What’s going on? Over looking some of these things is easier for most people. And so do others. Many readers have reported missing and altered Star Wars scenes. Connor, this is very interesting, since the name “Sinbad” came from legends — possibly appearing around 1637 — that reference a sailor, not a genie. I was a huge Sinbad fan as a kid. The thing is.. Just putting this out there. (Add optional echo chamber for those last three words. Why? I was born in ’89 which makes her birth year ’79. I remember seeing the cover of the VHS clearly as some of you have mentioned. At the top of the cover, Sinbad is in large red writing. For example, I have the Roman to Julian calendar info (http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/julian-calendar.html) and the Julian to Gregorian info (http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/julian-gregorian-switch.html), but I’m not sure how to get from the Mayan calendar to the Gregorian, except with the online calculator. It’s a very strange feeling. It was definitely a kids movie and was kind along the same lines as Aladdin. I have never participated in Reddit conversations, but I’ve heard good things about the Glitch in the Matrix sub-Reddit, and there’s at least one Mandela Effect sub-Reddit, as well. Another Nancy, that makes a LOT of sense. For me the movie was a comedic version of Sinbad’s voyages. Your immediate thought may be that the movie they’re thinking of is called Kazaam, and it didn’t star Sinbad, but rather NBA star Shaquille O’Neal. This person is 10 years older than I am. Mike H. Here’s another curve ball for you…i was discussing this scene with my wife. Theaters, studios look to Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' as summer's best hope, Francis Capra and Shaquille O'Neal in the 1996 kids comedy, Shaquille O'Neal partnered with Mission Tiger to donate a sports court to a Philadelphia school. I even remember seeing movie posters.
The young mind ! I can even remember around 1998 acters and talk shows mentioning how it hurt Sinbads career doing playing that genie role. Tanny, thanks. After all this was in front of me, I started thinking that perhaps the box said something like \\\’Sinbad in\\\’ across the top, and \\\’Shazam: Wishes come true\\\’ on the bottom. Never witnessing his death on tv because i was too young, i was only aware of his death by the lasting political backlash. He doesn’t really believe in the Mandela effect but I didn’t tell him that’s why I asked him lol, Brittany, sometimes it’s better if we don’t explain too much. @hapotter solved the sinbad genie mystery. Sinbad as a genie and for some reason Jonathan Brandis…who died at 27 in 2003. On Friday, they got a major boost from O’Neal and WNBA star Candace Parker, who crashed a video conference call with players and coaches at Philadelphia’s Young Scholars Charter School to announce that they were donating a new sports court to the school, as well as new uniforms and equipment.

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