-Have weird dreams ( messages, predictions, omens) From tapping into an everyday state of "flow" to harnessing the power of "now," here we discuss why meditation & happiness are one. Indigo Adults are the now adults who were once Indigo Children – that is, people born with an indigo life aura. Not to mention everyone tells me I act way older then my actual age, and I used to think it was because I grew up around people that were 12+ years older than me, but now I can see that it’s because I’m an indigo child.

the fact that i posses all these qualities, i see the super natural often and ect.. i’ve been depressed for a while because i was struggling with my gifts thinking that they were too odd for a child my age as i desired to “fit in”. hi my name is Amy So many benefits: less stress, more happiness, more success, deeper sleep, easier learning, better memory, higher IQ & EQ, just to name a few. My name is Indigo and my parents didn’t even call me that because they thought I would be an Indigo Child, but I answered 22 of the questions yes and I’m totally blown away! Choose an Angel and Receive the Message You Need to Hear Right Now! I am blessed with precognitive dreams. I don’t necessarily know what to do next though with this info-any online community for Indigo Children/Teens? All the signs say yes. Now what can i do with my knowledge is unknowing/scary/ exciting. In this article “Indigo Children: Test to See if You or Your Child Are One” you will find a valuable resource to discover the basic energy of you and your child.

Does your child expect to be treated as an equal instead of a child? For most, do you do what you think is right? I don’t think most indigos ever become as sensitive to seeing auras and it can be really scary at first.

Can have a feeling of natural superiority. the list goes on and on.

Do you or anyone you know fit these indigo characteristics? Also, I get what you’re saying about parents, mine think I’m mental for believing in this stuff. However if you were born after 1950, you might be an indigo.

It cannot. Exercising can be a big help to but don’t “try to turn it off”. PS I am only 10.

How to use the test: For convenience, we have divided the test by age. It will be important that we take time, reflect on what it means to grow/relate to an indigo child/adult. and since I was little I have the ability to see things that others can not see, see the dream become a reality, and see a person’s character. I researched indigo children and took tests and I always pass. Meditation’s well-proven ability to generate a "neuron fortune" has massive implications & big benefits. 19. I just get weird vibes off of people and very often i am right. And everyone things I’m going nuts too. Just saying I will be talking to my counselor. 16. I always thought I was different and when I learned what an INdigo child was I became interested. I have lived a very lonely existence since early childhood. Holy shit.

Do they tend to be loyal to friends and family and do they feel like they could be “theirs” forever? Those are not powers. I’ve learned basic aura reading to see if it will help but it doesn’t seem to be. Unbelievable! 7. Never forget that. Have you noticed if they feel accepted and understood by other children and adults? Never feel in place or feel wanted. It's in our genes. He has had an outer body experience and like me experiences Deja Vu very often. He has a sister and a chronically ill mother. Why is EquiSync better than the rest? Hello, My Name is Ashante and i am sixteen years old. Just focus and then you will see you have a gift. The times that I’ve had troubles has always been when I didn’t follow my feelings. i have the same thing too I need help with it too. 2. When it comes to what the human body can & can’t do, a revolution is underway. She is all of them 1000% what do i do next i want to raise her right and things about her make perfect sense now! I answer yes to most of these answers but this proves nothing im smart not magical i just chose to not look up to others around me that have no direction in life but look within myself for answers Im a nurd not thats why i know what i know i study for fun and not entertained by others look around do you know anybody including adults that know anything worth knowing… black holes are large stars, cure for aids is white blood cells, cure for tooth rot is alcohol, artificial gravity can speed up time also known as a time machine Is made with high voltage, light orbits and is collected around black holes… go ahead prove me wrong. The foster parents were foster to adopt. 2. Did you know that your brain power, intelligence, & memory can be dramatically upgraded?

If you want to learn greater control go to your local ACS (Aura Control School ) good luck and remember to register before august 14 because that’s when the deadline is for the fall semester. Is your lifestyle corroborated by noble, high principles and ideals? I am %100 positive I am an Indigo. The only time he seems to really listen to his father and I is if and when we are visiting family at their house. Be mindful of what energy source you are learning from. 4. As I turned 13 I was more online and meeting people across the world. I used to be able to read others emotions with ease. I only seem to get visions once a year at most now. I believe I am an indigo adult and my first child I believe he was an indigo child. I’m 13.

I am 13 years old, I often feel weird to me, I feel I am different from other people, I also feel I have a better ability to judge a case, I also often feel sensitive feelings in judgment, and I also felt there was nothing understand me.I also often feel there is a very curious feeling passionate in me, but I do not know what makes me feel like it.Therefore it, I began to study about children indigo.dan I have been following some online test about children indigo.saya feel most of the statements in the test is within saya.tapi I felt did not have the ability of telekinesis for example indigo children, can read minds DLL. Knowing that it’s normal for indigo souls to be crazy, have loud voices ect. I feel really scared looking into one at night I know it sounds ridiculous but I can’t sleep until the mirror in my room is covered, but even then it’s quite hard falling asleep. I’m an empathy, I have telepathy,physchometry etc..

My father is a really sensitive person and he can often pick up on other people’s emotions/thoughts and energy, and sometimes this can overwhelm him whenever it’s too much to handle and if he’s not clearing his mind/cleansing himself of energies. I’m still scared to talk to her about it. Look up grounding and shielding. Just act as It really is a friend of hers. If any of you guys are interested, you can check it out. 14. I also get hunches often.

I’m so glad that I’m not alone. Look for ways to connect with others with similar gifts.—-If you don’t, I know of many individuals who lost their gifts, under layers of suppression, distrust and see it as a curse, instead of a blessing. Yes they could im 16 years old and my innovations could of been better if I would not have taken hdhd meds STOP TAKING THEM NOW, Im Isabelle (12)and almost all of these are a yes ive taken a dew of these tests and they all say that I’m an indigo I’ve always known that i was different from everyone else but I never knew why.then I looked to my very spiritual friend Emily and for some reason ever since she and my dad became friends we had always bonded then I asked for an answer she said that I might be an indigo child and I asked her what that is she explained and I told her that it sounded a lot like me They won and pocketed a lot of money from me as well as from the adoption.

At school kids praise me for them but dont understand them. 6. My advice for everyone is to continue working on their gifts and talents. An indigo child or adult is a UNIQUE soul... a "free spirit".. an "outlier"... a "rebel." Yes I am one too but I have abilities but I just can’t seem to use them plz help. I would like to meet and get to know others that feel as I do and not just say that they do. But recently, I started to research it more and more. You’re a born motivator!

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