Press J to jump to the feed. This looks ok although I’d like to see what the wires look like out of the back. Anyone know if there is a 15 degrees downward? If required: a transformer to convert the voltage of the Nest connector. We use cookies and similar techniques so we can help you better and in a more personal way.

Didn't make hole in the middle so that its harder to steal or break. Step 25: In the meantime, still follow the steps in the app. It is really sturdy, made some modifications after initial designs and prints. I.e. Anyone else having this problem? Step 20: screw the cables (with a screwdriver) to the rear of the doorbell. i actually have a nest camera in the top right corner of the picture but i am moving it. Decide if you want to use the wedge that comes with the Nest Hello. I'd like to see a 15 degree to the right and 15 degree down. Broadband internet with at least 2Mbps upload speed per camera. Step 28: check the noise level of the receiver indoors in the app. Discussion on Google Nest products, including installation and configuration. The two 15* wedges work great piggy backed. Step 10: Use a screwdriver to unscrew the current cables. Discussion on Google Nest products, including installation and configuration. Step 21: put the cables back into the cable hole and snap the Nest Hello onto the wall mounting plate. Would getting someone else's wedge work? Can't scan it? Overall very happy with it and thought installation was simple. However they could not tell me if an additional wedge was included in the kit. If you already own other Nest products, the app (and therefore the doorbell) automatically contacts the data that you've entered previously. Then add the Nest Hello to the app. Not as good as 45, but better than mucking about with 3D printers. Then use the supplied wedge (mounting plate). Step 9: install the included Nest connector. Works fantastic. Step 6: remove your current receiver (chime) from the wall (without disconnecting the current cables). ... and this will make it safe to install the Nest Hello.

Then enter the code under the QR code via the app.

you could just print like any triangular wedge shape and screw that to your wall first?
Make sure that the hole with the cables is at the bottom of the middle hole of the mounting plate. On this page, you can find out how to install your Nest Hello Video Doorbell yourself step-by-step. Step 17: mark on the door frame where you want to place the Nest Hello Video Doorbell.

Like you, my walkway/door is a 90 degree angle to the door. I tried turning it off to save on bandwidth, and while you can talk live it doesn’t actually record the audio from even a live conversation. Are you unable to install the doorbell yourself? i got a nest hello for free for switching to fios so i’m trying to make it work. It really only helps if you are installing it directly in a corner so it's not square with the adjacent wall. The highest I see is 30 degrees and can be combined with the Nest wedge to make 45. However, it adds an extra step to the process and makes the overall installation just a bit more timely than other video doorbells. Now that you've received your new smart doorbell, you obviously want to use it right away.

Did you glue the wedges together or just put the screw through both holes? Click the button below and set a password via email to log in. The wedge was in fact included. Don't remember how the cables were attached? Step 8: In the meantime, go through the steps in the app.

This way you can always see how the cables are mounted on your current doorbell. I was close enough to the wall that I used the wedge and it works fantastic but you have a bit more space there. I'm in the same boat, and I live in a townhouse / condo so I don't have the ability to move it. Step 13: are the cables connected? I have a printer, just no talent. Yesterday I did an onine chat with Nest about this problem. Now for the fun part – installing the Nest Hello doorbell. Receive the best promotions and personal advice. Outstanding. However, the speaker is -much- louder on the Hello than the Ring Pro or Ring Doorbell 2. PERFECT! Everything you need to start the installation is included by default. Step 4: Important: switch off the doorbell's power in the fuse box. I was using the Ring with a custom Zinc 45 degree wedge from Amazon and now am using the Hello. It doesn't matter on which side you attach which color. Then find a place to place your Nest connector. Step 22: To remove or detach the doorbell from the back plate, use the included removal pin. It’ll give you an extra 15 degrees. Press J to jump to the feed. My door bell placement is very similar to yours just lower to the ground. Just purshased my Nest Hello two days ago. Back to back? Note: We only offer the installation service in North Holland, South Holland, Flevoland, Utrecht, North Brabant, Tholen, and most of Gelderland and Dutch Limburg. Step 1: is this your first Nest product? These doorbells are installed at your home by a Coolblue technician, at a time chosen by you. Turn up the volume when you find it too soft. Step 12: Place the cable of the Nest connector exactly where the cables of your current doorbell were attached. You might have to fill it with something because the contact will be an edge instead of a flat surface. Just installed my Nest Hello. Today my Nest Hello doorbell was installed. We then installed the additional 15* wedge giving us a total of a 30* wedge. Step 3: the app guides you through every step to install the doorbell. It states you can hear it live even if it’s turned off. If your internet provider has you on a data cap, you may want to tone down the video quality of your Hello so that it doesn’t use up a good chunk of your monthly data. Do you want to try it yourself? I use the wedge and it's not very significant. Our doorbell is also 90* to my front door. This installation is mandatory.

The person that was paid for installing my nest doorbell not only took months to finally NOT DO IT, he also lost my wedge, rendering my Nest hello completely useless.

Step 18: use the included drill to drill holes in your door frame.
Did you try it? Step 19: place the included plugs in the drill holes and screw the back plate of the doorbell onto the frame. Then download the free Nest app on your smartphone. What if you put 3 wedges together?? Step 27: press the doorbell button to see if the Nest Hello works. worst case scenario i know i can get a wedge 3D printed. Just give it time. However they could not tell me if an additional wedge was included in the kit. They need a selection of them. The one 15* wedge was okay but would be better with an addional wedge. Which minimum software and internet speed do you need? With the 15 degree wedge you’ll still see the front door and out to where you took picture and probably furthermore. Some kind of locking, mini gimbal would be cool. I would either suggest installing an outdoor camera or paying to relocate the doorbell. Place each cable in the designated casing of the connector. If you get a second smaller wedge from Nest (the wedge that attaches to the wall, not the Hello), you can reverse it and attach it to the original wedge with a really good adhesive. It really only helps if you are installing it directly in a corner so it's not square with the adjacent wall. 45 not 15 should have been the default. I live in a townhome as well and it captures most of the ground in front of the door with no downward tilt. The good news is that installing the Nest Hello’s chime connector isn’t difficult at all, and the Nest app does a really great job of guiding you through everything. It gives you tips when the Nest Hello Video Doorbell doesn't respond as expected., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Important: the cables must hang down and not up. You'd need to find a way to attach them. It would be cool if you could stack them. With cookies, we and third parties track your internet behavior on our website. All that was needed was email used for Nest account, S/N of Nest Hello and a Fed Ex shipping address. So this may not be a good fit for me... Can you at least get somewhat decent footage of people at your door? Installing The Nest Hello Camera Unit. Step 11: Grab the Nest connector and use the current cables. COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Nest Hello Video Doorbell, elago Nest Hello Wall Plate & elago Nest Hello Case. This way, you can be sure that everything works properly. Earlier, you removed the old doorbell and there were two wires (usually red and white) sticking out of the wall. Even with the included wedge, over half of my picture is the front door itself and I don't have nearly as much of my porch/yard covered as I had hoped. Are you able to see the ground if someone leaves a package? The only problem is that my doorbell is at a 90 degree angle to my door. Or would you rather have it done by a professional? EASY INSTALLATION: Angle wedge can be easily installed. That was a surprise. Use the 35-degree wedge to improve motion detection. This evening FedEx arrived (wow ... speedy delivery) with the complimentary Mounting Kit. On a related note, if you have more than one mehanical chime they’ll send you a second chime connector for free.

Then check the photo you took on your smartphone. I used the wedge.

Step 24: the Nest Hello Video Doorbell switches on and the blue circle around the push button lights up. Step 5: check whether the power is really off by pressing the doorbell. Nest Hello will use more bandwidth to stream video when there is more motion in the scene. Then you’d have the right side against the wall. On a somewhat related note, you can choose whether to record audio all the time. Page 7: Installation & Setup As a Nest Pro, make it a part of your process to prepare your customer in advance of your visit. Choose a location on the inside or outside of the receiver (chime). The colors of the cables are important for the installation of the Nest connector.

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