Russell: I've sort of been around it all my life, but the real interest came when I began making the movie. That's a strong theme that I'm very interested in. When I got involved in this project the first person I called was my uncle to talk about it. It says that the plot was not based on any true story, but the rescues in the movie are based on specific incidents that happened in real life with Firefighters. I think the more you saw Joaquin's face in those situations, the more you care about him. At the beginning of the film, the Third Alarm assignment to the large warehouse fire was given the location of Newgate and Newkirk Streets, which is the exact location of that very building that was burning. This never, ever, ever happens on a movie. Does this movie have any similarities or trends to your previous movies? Island Princess. Before "Ladder 49," did you have any prior experience or interest related to the fire service? Director Jay Russell's edict on Ladder 49, his 9-11-inflected tribute to the workaday lives of firefighters, was to keep the blazes as furiously lifelike as possible. Russell: Well I think that it's a movie that examines any number of challenges, dramatic challenges, that each firefighter faces... this reality of mortality always hovering around them but the fact that they just go out and do it. That's why I've said this is a movie about your next door neighbor who happens to be super hero. © 2020 Endeavor Business Media, LLC. Crazy Credits What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing? There were all kinds of propane tanks, and if anyone had a stray cigarette or whatever, we could have all gone up with a big blast.". 1 decade ago. He called me minutes after the screening was over and he was beside himself.

Down to their last dollars, living off family and friends, these Marylanders are still waiting for unemployment payments, Howard County Girls Outdoor Track All-Decade, Maryland lawmakers issue subpoena to Hogan’s former chief of staff over six-figure payout, Edgewood man accused of stabbing boss who came to his home to check on him, police say, Baltimore man says he’s ‘a young Black brother pushing for greatness’ with help from a local anti-violence group, Amber Alert issued for missing Anne Arundel 7-year-old, Why Amy Coney Barrett’s religious views matter - a dire warning from Justice Clarence Thomas | COMMENTARY, Mfume says Klacik ‘doesn’t know’ Baltimore and misspelled it in campaign spot, Halloween planners in Howard County work to organize spooky but safe fun amid coronavirus pandemic, Harford schools stick with hybrid plan to return to in-person learning amid competing demands. What was it that made you want to get involved in a story about the fire service? common with Police cases ( much more clear-cut plots, like Dragnet) That was an extremely dangerous situation for everyone.". I found the movie to be very real and believable in retelling that story. So I've been around it a long time but have sort of always taken it for granted. I was around the whole time and spent time in firehouses in Baltimore, would stop in and observe Joaquin at the academy when I could, and then did a little bit myself. The original script, written before the terrorist attacks on the USA of 11 September 2001, set the events in New York.

It was one screening but I'm hoping it will be like that in many others. These characters in this story are strong no matter what the situation is, and the situation happens to be that they're firefighters. as is sometimes the case with films of this sort- and it is more Does this movie say anything about facing mortality? The Seagrave fire truck was made in Clintonville, Wisconsin. If they walk out feeling that, then I will feel that I've done my job. They believed that we were coming in with the right intentions, and we were, but they showed us the way. Relevance. And again, that part didn't surprise me, but I'm hoping it might surprise the audience member who doesn't know anything about this world.

Firefighters from Harrisburg, York and Cumberland counties worked for around two hours to extinguish a blaze that broke out at a two-and-a-half story duplex in Harrisburg’s Allison Hill neighborhood. They couldn't go down the stairs.

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