To apply, you will need proof of your employment and your photographic ID. Get some ideas from our grow­ing selec­tion of places to check out while you’re liv­ing in Stuttgart.

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Below are some of the best in Germany: We hope that you have found this article informative and that we have helped you in the process of moving to Germany. We’re your moving company, specialising in moves to Germany. Each city boasts its own personality, so when moving to Germany the lifestyle is varied and exciting depending on the location.

Required fields are marked *. If you are able to take an extended leave of absence, try doing that instead. This website uses cookies that are stored on your computer. Considering the type of this move for many of the things you may decide to move it will be cheaper to sell in the USA and buy all new in Germany. I can guarantee you that there are resources and people out there, all too ready and willing to help you make the transition as worry-free as possible. With over 120 years of experience moving people around the globe, we make moving home easy no matter where you’re going to or coming from. Here is a brief guide on what you should organise before moving to Germany. Dive into Berlin’s famed nightlife and clubbing scene whilst working or studying in the capital of the world’s fourth-largest economy. It is compulsory to register with either a statutory German health insurance scheme or a private health insurance. Make sure they have your move documented in your file properly and take the name and employee number of the associate that helped you. Please note that we may not be affiliated with It includes trains, metro, buses and trams. From the magical Christmas markets to the famed ‘Oktoberfest’ in autumn, Germans like to have fun and there is a lot of time spent with friends and family. Germany offers a variety of school options for parents to choose from. amzn_assoc_title = "Prepare for Germany"; Moving to Stuttgart.

Germany has a high standard of living and is known for having an abundance of culture whether that be in the arts sector, historic sites or celebrations. Long Term Packing ‘Quick Guide’ for The First 30 Days, Filed Under: Europe with kids, Germany, Moving to Germany Tagged With: Germany Travel Blog, Copyright © 2020 Tapped Out Travellers on the Foodie Pro Theme. If you’re moving to Germany with family, let us help. Discover culinary specialities unique to each city using locally sourced produce, such as Spätzle (a soft egg noodle) originally from Baden-Württemberg to Maultaschen (Germany’s answer to ravioli) from Swabia. East Germany or the suburbs of the major cities tend to offer the most affordable accommodation. They will also have a handyman on contract to care for any tenant related problems. Size of House: Time: Cost: 1 bed house: 6-10 weeks: 38,900R-67,000R: 2 bed house: 4-7 weeks: Kids of expats moving to Germany can start anytime during the school year. Ask around to others that have done the move before or at the same time as you. EU members don’t require any visa to work here. This article outlines how to move to Germany from the UK, including i nformation about removal costs, the impact of Brexit, and work and life culture in the country of poets and thinkers. On every stop in the city you can see electronic information about which number of tram/ bus is coming and at what time. This also means you will have to file your taxes in both Canada and Germany, but that is between you and the tax man. Maybe their representative knows something yours doesn’t. Do you need help with your upcoming move? The most impor­tant num­bers are 112 for an ambu­lance or the fire brigade and 110 for the police. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription.

Get up to speed with everything you need to know about your new home with our collection of expert guides on moving to Germany. *At MyMovingReviews we will connect you with a professional moving expert. {"cookieName":"wBounce","isAggressive":false,"isSitewide":true,"hesitation":"10000","openAnimation":"lightSpeedIn","exitAnimation":"lightSpeedOut","timer":"","sensitivity":"","cookieExpire":"365","cookieDomain":"","autoFire":"120000","isAnalyticsEnabled":true}, « 5 Electronic-Free Flight Distractivities ; Keeping Kids Happy During a Long-Haul Flight, 20+ Activities to do near Ottawa during a Pandemic Summer, 2 Week Itinerary Exploring Germany & Switzerland with Kids, Ottawa Area Trails and Parks to Socially Distance in Nature, research new country; schools, medical services, citizens expectations, research new country bureaucracy; registering with the city, taxes, customs, and traditions, Notify change of address to all unions, student loans, friends and family, create a Will/Life insurance that is valid in the new country, registrars office – license and health insurance. Here’s a quick guide to emer­gency ser­vices here in Stuttgart. Regrettably, moving... Read More, In addition to being one of the most stressful things you’ll ever need to go through in life, moving to a... Read More, It’s a well-known secret that moving house can be an extremely stress-filled transitional period in one’s... Read More, As an experienced specialist in the relocation industry, Pamela Smith is dedicated to finding the major problems that people most often encounter when moving and proposing the best possible solutions. Moving to Germany Guide. Many expats families report state schooling had a great impact on the speed and confidence with which their children learnt the new host country’s language. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin is also an amazing castle to visit. There are plen­ty of parks and options for out­door activ­i­ties. Expat Guide Moving to Germany. You can configure your browser to inform you about the use of cookies so that you can decide on a case-by-case basis whether to accept or reject a cookie. Here is a brief guide on what you should organise before moving to Germany. Wel­come to a rapid­ly-grow­ing resource for peo­ple moving to Stuttgart, Ger­many. With Germany having a higher average salary than South Africa, it’s no wonder that moving to Germany is attractive for a lot of expats, despite the cost of living in Germany being slightly higher. Either way, this section briefly explains what education in Germany is like. If you want to do some cheaper shopping you can find great deals in Kreuzberg – a region with a large Turkish community. First of all get several international estimates and compare carefully the costs of different services.

We also use external services like Google Maps, YouTube and Vimeo. Below are the Schengen visa requirements for your application: Below you can find the types of short-term visas you can apply for: These visas allow you to stay in Germany for up to 90 days. Is it going to be cheaper to sell your furniture in the USA and buy new in Germany? The sys­tem is so com­pli­cat­ed that some­times even Ger­mans are not sure what to do with cer­tain things. In general Germans are very kind to tourists and will always help you if you ask for advice. For example, if you go to Berlin and ask to be directed somewhere in German it is very likely that people will answer you in English just because they see you with the map and realize you’re foreign.

In the region of Brandenburg there is a lot to see. Organize a date with the moving company and start planning the rest of the details. Some companies will allow you to remain an employee for an extended period of time, if you are only moving for a contract, as opposed to an undetermined amount of time. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Learn more about the sys­tem and how to buy tick­ets. Order­ing a taxi in Stuttgart is easy when you use one of these num­bers or apps. With 81 million people population Germany is the second largest exporter and third largest importer of goods. The country has a varying landscape with big cities, like Berlin, to the Alps in the South. The transportation is  regular and very accurate. Moving to another country, across the ocean, that speaks another language, that you have never visited before, and you can see the stress levels rising beyond what you think you able to handle. You will have to submit your visa application to one of the Visa Application Centres which are in Centurion, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein. During the job offer/screening/deliberation process, it is recommended to make the house in sell-able condition. Learn about Stuttgart’s wide vari­ety of muse­ums, includ­ing the usu­al art, his­to­ry, and sci­ence as well as muse­ums on cars, wine, choco­late, and even pigs. Germany has a similar vaccination schedule to Canada, but being in such a densely populated, multi-national area, can lead to the spread of viruses that move more slowly in Canada. There is also a great importance placed on being on time, and thanks to the excellent public transport you’ll have no excuses for being late! Over 1000 public hospitals serve the country, and all are considered advanced, highly reliable and very efficient. Moving to Germany from the UK: An Essential Guide. Whether you are moving abroad for the first time or relocated multiple times … You can visit the so called “museum insel” (“museum island”) situated near the Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) which is of course an area with museums you will certainly enjoy taking a look at. Call now. So it's official, you're moving to Berlin!

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