Individuals born outside of Canada are Canadian citizens by descent only if one of their parents is a citizen of Canada either by having been born in Canada or by naturalization. I know i can obtain documents on one grandfather (my mothers side, both my uncles i believe were born in Canada), my fathers dad is more complicated due to him being in England during the second world war, meeting my Gran and having a child (my Father) before returning to Canada after the war. You can also sponsor your husband, wife, or common law partner at any time regardless of age. What you’re saying here doesn’t seem to make sense.

I don’t believe she maintained dual citizenship. Weird! His family moved to the US when he was about 10 yrs old. Explain it to me, it sounds to good to be true. Her son, my father, is Canadian, but he was born in the US. My great great grandfather was Canadian, does this mean I have a claim to citizenship by descent? However, citizenship by descent for the second generation is complicated and limited. They are adults. My dad was born in Canada and resided there for most of his life, until he married my mother (a US citizen). What documents do I need before I start this application process ?

Or is my best bet to claim citizenship through my grandparents?

Both of his parents were from Newfoundland. I was born in 1958.

Your email address will not be published. Have a Finnish father who is legally married to your mother. I was born in the U.S in 1949. Have a father who is a Taiwanese citizen at your time of birth. I’m quite sure there was nothing offensive in it so I’m a little mystified. From access to some of the world’s best schools, the ability to travel with a Canadian passport, to vote or run for political office, or to reside or work in Canada while benefitting from social privileges like the national health care system and one of the world’s most multi cultural societies.

Most births were not registered, so the posibility that you are a citizen is small.

He would have automatically lost citizenship when he turned 21, due to the provisos in the original act. My grandparents emigrated from Canada to the US in 1925 – my mother was born in the US one month later. He was probably naturalized as a US citizen at some point. My family can trace its heritage in Quebec back to the 1600s. Friends live in mexico. They married in Canada and lived there a few years before moving to the US. How can I do this?

That happened when my dad was a kid so obviously he was not a citizen in 1969 when I was born. My grandfather was born in Canada but neither of my parents or myself were. They are my l sons. Only after you've spent some years as a legal resident and demonstrated good moral character (in particular, committed no crimes) can you apply for citizenship. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. My great grandfather was born in the US to Canadian born parents. Thank you. My Dad was born in 1936 in Michigan. Would I be able to get citizenship with the DNA evidence etc? My father was born in Canada in 1932.

I was born before 2009.

I born in yisrael in 2002 No, no, no - Answered by a verified Lawyer . It’s important to understand that these are different processes, as you’ll usually have to claim citizenship before you can apply for a passport. From my understanding she can get citizenship?

This is true even if your parent left Canada as a child; married an American citizen (or other non-Canadian); or became a U.S. citizen (or citizen of another country).

My father never obtained Canadian citizenship. I still live in the uk with my 17 year old son.

All 4 of my grandparents were born in Quebec. My great grandfather was born in the US to Canadian born parents. tool on the Government of Canada website to find out if you might have a claim to Canadian citizenship through a family member. All moved to U.S. in about 1906, my Mother as born in U.S. (Florida) 1921. Did you get an answer at all? My dad emigrated to Canada when he was 6 with his family, they all continued to live and die in Canada. Does he have to intend emigration from SA to Canada within a specific period of time after applying for the ancestral Visa, or would he essentially have dual citizenship with an option to emigrate to Canada at any time? Good morning to you, my boyfriend’s grandfather was born in Canada (and my boyfriend was born in 1979), could he apply for Canadian citizenship? My grandfather was born (in 1902)and raised in Canada but moved to the US when he was 18.

Was your mother or father born or naturalized in Canada? It may be easier than you think! Obtaining a Certificate of Citizenship has no impact on your U.S. citizenship. Her Do she still qualify for Canadian citizenshoip by descent – we originally thought this was not possible? And also would I be able to obtain one? my grandfather emigrated to Canada and became a citizen when he had the chance in 1991, i was born in 1995 in Scotland and have lived here all my life, so has my mum. Grandfather is deceased have a copy of death certificate,. My Great-Grandfather was Canadian. Hello Am I considered a citizen by decent. My mother was born in 1953 but was assigned Soutg African citizenship.

If my after became canadian citizen (naturalized) after i was born (i was born in europe , later on my father emigrated and got his citizenship , can i apply for citizenship ?

Hi, my grandfather was a naturalised citizen of Canada and I have his certificate of citizenship and social insurance card.

Am I eligible for Canadian Citizenship? One of the easiest ways to acquire dual citizenship is by descent. I was born in the 1960’s but reside in Scotland. I was born in 1957 in Michigan.

I was born in Canada & became a permanent resident in the US at age 4. Is there a chance I could get dual citizenship? Am I eligible for Canadian citizenship? The total cost of obtaining proof of Canadian Citizenship is $300. My grandmother became a naturalized US citizen in 1936 and my mother was born in the US in 1937. My grandfather was born in 1894 in Quebec. I was born in Canada to Canadian parents in 1967 and adopted from there as a baby by American parents. My grandfather was born in PEI in 1876. My Grandfather was Canadian born, my Father was born in Australia in 1940, but would have lost Canadian citizenship when turning 21 due to non-retention after the 1946 Act initially made him a citizen. I want the 18 yrs old to relocate to Canada soonest after international flights in Kenya resumes.

If my grandmother was born in Canada, my mom was born in USA in 1976 and never became a dual citizen can I still obtain Canadian citizenship? You are Canadian by descent, because of your family history. Did you get a reply to your question?

Thanks. My mother was born in the US, and is a US citizen but never applied for Canadian nationality. Hi Sarah. Because of your father, you have a birthright to Canadian citizenship.

Related: 6 passport mistakes that could leave you stranded at the border. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. Jim. I am financial independent. I still keep in touch with some of my Canadian aunts and cousins. Naturalization (grant of citizenship) The formal process by which a person who isn’t a Canadian citizen can become a Canadian citizen. I read your explanation but can’t find any other material on this. They moved to Zambia when she was very young. There are four main ways in which one can get Polish citizenship. We live in the usa now. Just wondering as My grandmother also was a Canadian citizen, moved to the US had my mother in ’22, and I was born in 56, so even though my mother never applied for her citizenship, does that mean she was not a citizen, or was she an unregistered citizen, that would mean her kids are still citizens? This citizenship would let you work and live in St. Lucia and use your St. Lucia passport to travel to countries that have visa-free agreements with St. Lucia. Recognition of this fact, and eligibility for the benefits it entails, is accomplished through an application called “Proof of Citizenship”. I was trying to get a copy of my grandfathers burth certicate. He then moved to South Africa in his teens, with his family. … Both of my parents were born in Canada, 1915 and 1919. work, live and study anywhere in Canada, Protection under Canadian laws, etc. I was born in 1972 in the US and am a US citizen.

There are no other Canadian links in the family but I do have copies of all relevant vital documents for my grandmother (and her son, my father, if that was required for proof of lineage).

As of 2014, the Czech Republic recognizes dual-citizenship, so I can hold both my U.S. and Czech nationalities legally. Hello, My mother was born in Newfoundland in 1926.

I was born abroad and i have never been to canada in my life. Your email address will not be published. Please call us at (888) 808 – 0455 if you have any questions. Do I need to meet residence requirements. (1) My mother was born in Quebec in 1937. I was adopted at birth by my mother, who was born in Canada.

Would she qualify for citizenship?

We (my brother, sister-in-law and I are researching this.

He parents were both British and they had emigrated. Knowing how and where to submit your application is key to ensuring the process runs smoothly. I was born and raised in Canada and I am a Canadian citizen so I would love they turn my nationality.

Many generations back my family line moved to the US. He always remained a Canadian Citizen, would my mother or myself be eligible for Canadian Citizenships? How to Get Your Papers to Become an American Citizen, Government of Canada: Find Out If You’re Eligible – Citizenship.

Have at least one parent who is a South African citizen at your time of birth. But I am still interested in doing so. “if you were born prior to 17 April 17th, 2009 when the new rule came into effect, you’re in luck and can still claim Canadian citizenship regardless of how many generations back your Canadian direct ascendents were born in Canada. My Grandfather was born in Canada in 1886. My oldest was born a few months prior to me becoming a citizen of the US.

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