Gomez tried to tell Selena that Saldivar was "bad news". [16], Around this time, a paramedic tried to start an IV on Selena. Saldívar wanted to quit with Selena and Selena tried to convince her not to. George W. Bush declared April 16 as "Selena Day" in Texas. [7], When Saldivar visited seamstresses in Mexico,[8] Saldivar made them feel that they had to work with her or that Selena would fire them. Yolanda locked herself in her pick-up truck in the parking lot of the hotel with the gun for over 10 hours, finally surrendering after the long standoff with police and the FBI. The police officer saw Saldivar's car.

Selena then told Saldivar that she would see her the next morning without Perez's knowledge. Selena felt bad and took her to a local hospital. Saldivar also had many pictures of Selena and a burning candle for Selena. However, a police officer had a rifle. She opened the door. [8] A week later, Saldivar asked employees to help fund a special gift for Selena. Saldivar chased after Selena and called her a "bitch". Gomez also complained that Saldivar destroyed some of his works. Saldivar then reversed and parked her car between two cars. Fans were saddened when the news of Selena's death was released by the media. [16], During the fourth hour, Saldivar exclaimed that the gun was meant for herself. Selena's cousin, Debra Ramirez, was hired in 1995. Selena and her husband Chris Pérez visited Saldívar on 30 March 1995 to get the documents that she had stolen. [16] When they opened her chest, they found there was no blood at all. 6 hours ago, by Perri Konecky 𝗪𝐄 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐌𝐈𝐒𝐒 𝐘𝐎𝐔!⁣ She also did not like the way other staff members reported sales information. Amor Prohibido would also earn a Grammy nomination. help me!" She told the clerk that she was an in-house nurse for terminally ill patients. [16] The autopsy also revealed that Selena's heart, fueled by adrenaline, pumped her blood out.

[6] Staff members began complaining about Saldivar to Selena. but Saldivar just stared at him and gave no response. Selena was raised as a Jehovah's Witness. [16], Saldivar entered her pickup truck and tried to leave the parking lot of the motel. The musical legacy of Selena lives on 25 years later. Selena was met by Perez who told her that it was too late. This page was last changed on 21 July 2020, at 17:06. [7] He also complained about Saldivar's way of paying bills.

16 hours ago. Saldívar later claimed that she was planning to kill herself in front of the singer. Twenty-five years later, Selena’s family and fans have kept her memory alive. The tragic events started with a discovery by Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr. In San Antonio, major Spanish-language radio stations including Tejano 107, KXTN-FM, KRIO-FMand KEDA-AM, began monitoring developments. Saldivar delayed and told Selena that she had been raped in Mexico by a gang member. Twenty-four years later, Selena's true fans still mourn her untimely death.

[9] This was because Saldivar fired anyone who she did not like. When they were finished, the doctor and nurse took Selena aside and told her that Saldivar was making the whole thing up. [8] He also noticed that Saldivar did not want Selena to know the cost of the items she had bought. Perez explained why her music still resonates with others. [18] Saldivar was attempting to shoot Selena again, but decided to flee back to the motel room.

We were sitting there when they announced.
14 hours ago, by Victoria Messina The bullet then exited the right upper chest.

The singer redefined Tejano music and was starting to crossover into the U.S. when she was fatally shot. ], After Selena won a Grammy Award Selena Live! [16] This made it very hard to insert an IV. [14] Selena, now frustrated, took Saldivar back to her motel room and asked once again for the missing documents. Selena Quintanilla-Pére, known to her fans as Selena, was on her way to reaching superstardom when her life met an untimely and tragic end on March 31, 1995. [4] Selena's family believed that Saldivar was the best choice because Saldivar was boosting membership at the fan club. "She told me: 'Yolanda, I don't want you to kill yourself.' He and Saldivar argued all the time. Saldivar's name was still not being named in the media. All major U.S. networks interrupted their regular programming to break the news. [16], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "Singer Selena, an idol of Mexican-Americans, dies of gunshot wounds", "Before Her Time – Death, Murder, Selena", Selena: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Murder_of_Selena&oldid=7041491, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2020, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, Money embezzlement and Selena's management demanding missing fan club's financial records, Life imprisonment with possibility of parole after 30 years. [16] Saldivar began believing that she did not mean to shoot Selena. Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? Her legacy has been celebrated most famously by the 1997 movie, Selena, starring Jennifer Lopez, but also with murals, illustrations, wax figures, tribute concerts, apparel, and even some impressive lip art. The murder of American singer Selena Quintanilla happened on March 31, 1995. Selena told her father that he thinks everyone is a bad person.
In 1994, Yolanda Saldívar was in charge of the Selena Fan Club and the manager of two boutiques that belonged to the singer. Saldívar was supposedly going to hand over the documents at a Days Inn.

Selena fell to the floor and asked the clerk to lock the doors, saying "she's going to shoot me again". In 1994, Selena's fourth album, Amor Prohibido, landed on the 29 spot on the Billboard 200 chart list. [16], The ambulance arrived in less than one minute. He stated that Saldivar did not pay any bills. When radio station KEDA-AM broke the news of Selena's death, many people accused the staff of lying because the next day was April Fools' Day. [16] More police officers tried to get Saldivar to give herself up. [7] Gomez complained that Saldivar was badly managing the boutiques. At 11:49 am, Saldivar took a pistol out of her purse. Selena was only two weeks away from her 24th birthday and two days away from her third anniversary to Chris Perez. They gave a blood transfusion. [16] She also stated that when Selena tried to open the door, she asked her to leave the door closed. Selena was only 23 when Saldívar fatally shot her. [16] They ripped off the top portion of Selena's jogging suit. When fans started calling and sending letters about not receiving merchandise they had paid for, Abraham noticed Yolanda had embezzled more than $60,000 from the fan club and boutiques. [4] Over time, Saldivar complained to staff members that she would like "to be just like Selena". They then put a Vaseline gauze on Selena's wound, which stopped the internal bleeding. The former musician had his family perform together as the band Selena Y Los Dinas. She then stated that the pistol was meant for herself; she was going to commit suicide.

[10] The day after Saldivar was banned from Q-Productions, she bought a hand gun. The autopsy revealed that the bullet entered Selena's lower back. It passed through Selena's chest cavity, which instantly damaged Selena's right subclavian artery. [11] On March 26, 1995, Saldivar stole perfume samples that Selena needed and more bank statements in Mexico.[12]. [16] The staff tried to comfort Selena to get answers on what had happened. A staff member called 9-1-1.

Staff members then told Selena's father Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Quintanilla Jr then stepped in and reminded Selena that Saldivar could be a bad influence. To continue reading login or create an account. Selena ran 392 feet to the motel lobby. Sadly, Selena became one of the greatest musicians who died before 30.

15 hours ago, by Mekishana Pierre There, a doctor and nurse checked to see for any signs of rape. At the age of 23, Selena died from the gunshot wound.

When Saldivar became a business associate, her friendship with Selena began to worsen. When Quintanilla Jr told Saldívar that he was going to get the police involved. Within a week, Quintanilla Jr found vellum envelopes with checks signed by Saldivar. Someone in the lobby recognized Selena and screamed "that's Selena!" She was found guilty of Selena's murder in a trial in Houston and is serving her sentence at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, TX. I didn't get to take pictures until afterward. On the morning of 31 March 1995, Selena met up with Saldívar to collect paperwork and missing documents for tax preparations. Doctors and nurses tried to revive Selena. [8], In December 1994, the two boutiques began to suffer.

[16] She left behind a trail of blood. [9] With the information gathered, Quintanilla Jr believed Saldivar was stealing money from the fan club and from Selena Etc. A lot of tributes were done throughout the United States and Mexico. help me!

Saldivar asked Philip Randolph to create a diamond egg-shaped ring. [5] With this, Saldivar rented luxurious cars and limousines. [13] At the motel Selena demanded the financial papers at which point Saldivar called Selena and asked her to come back to her motel room, alone.

She was shot and killed by Yolanda Saldivar. When she arrived, Selena asked for the missing documents. [16] However, because Selena lost so much blood, her veins collapsed. by Yerin Kim At the age of 10, Selena was its lead singer. Selena Quintanilla was born on April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas. A paramedic began CPR so that blood could get to Selena's brain and heart.

A complaint was made from the next room asking the two ladies to stop arguing. Saldivar believed that she could help Selena further if she moved closer to her. [7] Ramirez's job was to help Selena expand her business into Mexico. Here is a look at Selena's brief life in the music industry, leading to her murder.

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