That’s about standard for smartwatches, and it’s enough screen real estate to filter through essential information, though sorting through any text meatier than a notification (like, say, an email) is a chore. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! By which we mean: we downloaded a YouTube-watching app on a lark, and it went about as expected.

En tentant d’appeler mon ami-collègue Geoffroy, je ne l’entendais guère et lui non plus. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 was also supposed to have official Twitter, YouTube and Google Translate apps. Battery life will depend on the size you choose as the 44mm watch has a larger-capacity battery, and how much you use features like the always-on display and LTE. J’ai utilisé pendant 2ans une Sony smartwatch 3, avant de craquer en septembre pour une fossil gen 5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review: The Apple Watch for … Samsung includes a one-year warranty against defects but doesn’t offer any extended plan for prolonged coverage or accidental damage.

The Watch Active 2’s fitness apps and features haven’t changed much: there’s still 39 workout-tracking modes, like running, walking, cycling and swimming. La bague rotative physique de la Galaxy Watch était l’une de ses grandes qualités et sur cette Watch Active 2 on retrouve plus ou moins cette bonne idée. This is one department where Google’s Wear OS is clearly in the lead.

Tizen is still behind Apple watchOS and even Wear OS in this regard.

It’s obviously something that crowns also do (like on the sides of Apple Watches), but it’s nice to see a touch-based alternative method of navigation done well. Avec un glissement du doigt du haut de l’écran vers le centre, vous faites apparaître le panneau des raccourcis qui donne accès aux paramètres, au verrouillage dans l’eau qui rend l’écran non tactile, à la fonctionnalité Montre toujours allumée ainsi qu’aux modes Avion et Économie d’énergie ou encore au réglage de la luminosité, aux options de sonnerie ou la lampe torche. Selon ses informations, Samsung prévoirait ainsi le lancement des Galaxy Note 20 et Note 20 Ultra, mais aussi du Galaxy Fold 2, dont l’annonce était déjà attendue en même temps que les deux autres smartphones. It’s almost certainly a more broadly-appealing setup than the Galaxy Watch’s girthy form, akin to the more 'masculine' style of traditional watches. I would also appreciate a last app shortcut on the top physical button, which has no other function besides going home. Two to three years is a reasonable life expectancy. We've yet to see the rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 3, meaning the Active 2 is the latest device in the range. On peut faire tout ce que l'on fait habituellement avec un smartphone, mais avec le gros avantage de ne plus avoir besoin de son téléphone à proximité. Samsung offers some new watch faces with the Galaxy Watch Active 2. À titre personnel, le modèle en test ici a été livré avec un bracelet marron en simili cuir que se marie bien avec le boîtier. I also found that the Bixby assistant started up of its own volition a few times, without any voice prompts or any button presses. It's a mystery as to why this happens -- sometimes it's during a workout, other times it's when I've been using the touch bezel. While that’s not quite the four days that our original Galaxy Watch survived for, it’s more than can be said of the Apple Watch line. La montre est belle. .size-full.wp-image-637496.aligncenter{display:none;}. However, improvements to the software do make the UX feel more fluid. The 1.4-inch display of the 44mm model has been an absolute treat. Visit our corporate site. Thanks to the 8 photodiodes on the back, exactly double that of the Galaxy Watch Active, the data collection is noticeably more accurate. Dans ma famille on est plusieurs à avoir des smartwatches Samsung sans avoir le smartphone Samsung "qui va avec". Many fans wanted Samsung to bring it back. The removal of the rotating bezel was a major design change for the Galaxy Watch Active. En outre, une amie ayant remarqué que je recevais des notifications sur la tocante m’a dit la chose suivante : « c’est une Apple Watch ronde ? Using the Watch Active 2 throughout the day, you’ll find nothing but smooth and fluid performance. Once again, the 44mm model is a no-brainer if you want your smartwatch to last more than a day on a single charge. With more frequent activity tracking, interaction with notifications and music playback, I could get up to two days of battery life. Enough for plenty of songs and apps (most of which take up barely a megabyte apiece), but not leaving much room for bigger, bolder software. En même temps que veux tu comme appli sur une montre ? Even most conventional watches these days are north of 40mm, so that 1.1-inch display was something that, at least in my opinion, held back much of the device’s potential. Has it been able to do that? A year later, the Active 2 is the smartwatch it promised it could be, iPhone 12 has 5G, but Apple still has us questioning why we need it, Best Prime Day 2020 deals: $43 Keurig, $48 SodaStream, $115 AirPods, $70 Ring Video Doorbell and more, iPhone 12's price tag could be more important for Apple's success than ever, Discuss: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 review: A year later, the Active 2 is the smartwatch it promised it could be. What about Amazon Prime Day 2020? Personnellement, je dois admettre apprécier cette couleur sur le revêtement en acier.

The watch also has an ECG (electrocardiogram), which can be used to detect the electrical activity and rhythm of your heart. Dommage elle était très sympa et je voulais garder une android wear ayant un pixel 3.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a minor upgrade on its predecessor, adding a digital rotating dial, bigger version, currently inactive ECG, and LTE option. The Active 2 handles notifications well, as they are grouped by the app into screens for you to swipe or scroll through; tap into them for more notifications from a particular app. 2/3 semaines d'autonomie ça n'existe pas! Une version compatible 4G est également disponible sur cette version.

The default 20mm silicone strap is nice, but they’re interchangeable too so you can easily swap it out for something else.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 doesn’t break any new ground and until ECG is enabled, it doesn’t really accomplish anything that its predecessor already can’t. Disponible en version 40 nm et 44 nm, elle améliore l'analyse du rythme cardiaque, du stress et du sommeil. La petite version de la montre connectée possède une batterie de 247 mAh et on monte à 340 mAh pour la Samsung Watch Active 2 de 44 mm testée ici. The Active 2 has an Exynos 9110 dual-core chipset, the same as its predecessor - and the original Galaxy Watch, for that matter - but at 1.15Ghz, it’s fast enough. Perso ma montre me sert que pour les cadrans personnalisables et les notifications, utiliser des applications là dessus c'est une tannée. Enfin, le dernier appareil serait une nouvelle montre connectée, la Galaxy Watch 2, qui succéderait donc au modèle de 2018, après deux générations de Galaxy Watch Active. », mais également au flatteur « ça te va bien ». It is nice to be able to store your own music on the device’s 4 GB internal storage though, so this is a relatively small annoyance. faux t'as un store avec des applis pour les montres samsung. The wearable space is a tough place to make a name with heavyweights like Fitbit and Apple crowding the area, but Samsung’s managed to do so with its ever-improving and oft-expanding Galaxy Watch lineup. The rotating dial makes it noticeably easier to sift through apps on your home page or notifications on the main ‘watch face’ screen, though it will take a little getting used to for precision navigation (i.e. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 review: Fitness still needs work Frenchement ils ont frappé fort avec cette GWA 2.
L’interaction avec le téléphone est bon, je peux répondre aux sms ou en envoyer, répondre aux appels avec une qualité correcte et toutes les notifications sont bien gérées. But the Active 2’s extra features come at a literal cost - it’s nominally pricier than its predecessor, shrinking the watch’s affordability edge over Apple’s watches. Hormis cela, les deux boutons physiques Accueil et Retour sur la tranche ne viennent pas perturber l’homogénéité du produit. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals!

Donc la trotteuse présente ou non est purement arbitraire et développeur-dépendant ;), Ouais, juste les apps Samsung. As we’ve said repeatedly, the Apple Watch 3 is identically priced, proven, and likely discounted even more during deals seasons. This is the most infuriating thing about Samsung’s smartwatch updates, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE review: Putting the ‘fan’ in fantastic. The included apps are still useful, though iOS users still won’t be able to access all the best benefits, like replying to messages or interacting with email beyond notifications. De plus, j'ai cru voir que le mode Always On des Fossil n'est pas aussi développé que celui des Samsung (sur les Samsung, c'est bien le même cadran qui est reproduit mais en noir et blanc et sans l'aiguille des secondes, chez Fossil j'ai l'impression que ça ne ressemble pas tout le temps au cadran). The quality is exceptional. The 40mm model isn't available in Australia. La Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 offre une très agréable expérience.

Outlook est apparement désormais compatible, c'est déjà un bon signe, en espérant qu'ils aillent encore plus loin. Yes, it can be used with an iPhone, but with limited functionality - and for the same price you could pick up an older Apple Watch. The smartwatch’s 768MB of RAM is fine for switching in and out of apps, though that’s upgraded to 1.5GB for the LTE model. It essentially allows you to scroll through lists and navigate screens on the operating system instead of swiping around on the screen and leaving fingerprint marks. Right off the bat, I find myself using this smartwatch much more than its predecessor. There’s no half-cocked attempt here to be something that it’s not. Et compte large. It all depends how much you use it, and there’s a battery-saving setting (switching on grayscale, switching off Wi-Fi) to eke out more life between charges. We had also reported exclusively that the device will have Fall Detection. Compared to the Apple Watch Series 5 and Fossil Gen 5, it lasted about three hours longer than the Apple Watch and about six hours more than the Fossil going into day two. Samsung hasn’t tried to push a wonky shape on customers just for the sake of making the watch stand out. J’ai demandé les avis d’autres hommes et femmes et les personnes avec des avant-bras encore plus fins que les miens m’ont confié qu’elles se verraient plus porter un modèle plus petit. Gain SamMobile points by following us and staying active on SamMobile! I’d go so far as to say that it’s even better than most Wear OS smartwatches on the market, particularly when you also consider the design and comfort. Android phone owners looking to pick up a quality smartwatch from a known brand should consider the Active 2 - especially if they’re, well, active. Quand ce genre de montre auront 2 / 3 semaines d'autonomie ça m'intéressera. Lorsque vous restez oisif trop longtemps, un petit message vous invite à bouger un petit peu pour rester ne bonne santé. It comes in cloud silver, aqua black and pink gold colors. I also didn’t miss it, as I have no desire to watch a video on my watch. Je vous conseille de la choisir avec le boitier en 44mm, qui n'est pas trop imposant et vraiment plus confortable à l'utilisation. I find it to be a noticeable difference because I’ve been using the 1.1-inch Galaxy Watch Active for six months. Samsung needed to make some noticeable improvements in order to justify launching a new smartwatch so soon after the Galaxy Watch Active. While you’ll miss out on the Active 2’s haptic dial and demonstrably better battery, the tighter integration with iOS is more compelling. Want even more options? Bixby is obviously still there but is unsurprisingly just as difficult to use as before.

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