Even as the shepherds talk away, we see instances of humor pop in and out. Web. Details like these (words) allow for the audience to achieve a greater grasp of main characters. The fact that the new ruler was in fact, Queen Elizabeth, was upsetting to many. Middle English lyrics: A type of secular poetry. Most notably, Humanists provided society with a pervasive and overarching sense of humanity. Even though they have been tricked and used, not only did they get their sheep back, but they get the respect from anyone that has heard or seen the story of Jesus Christ. -King William the Conqueror was in power, died in 1087. “The End of Europe’s Middle Ages.” The End of Europe’s Middle Ages – Language & Literature. 1087-1110: Reign of King William Rufus December 5, 2013. It is clear in that the pilgrims are traveling together and sharing each other’s company by learning about one another and sharing stories. 1110-1135: King Henry I However, the more serious theme is the religious importance of faith which includes its role in the birth of Jesus and belief in the existence of a higher power. 06 Dec. 2012. Like all mystery plays, The Second Shepherd’s Play was put on by a local guild, a sort of medieval trade union that also had political and religious objectives and was comprised of middle-class skilled workers. All medieval people, regardless of their social rank, believed in God, Heaven, and Hell, however it was strongly believed that the only way they could get to Heaven is if the Roman Catholic Church allowed them. The three shepherds lack trust in Mak and therefore do not see what he says is plainly there. One watching this performance would not normally read into this and would merely find amusement in the idea of a sheep looking remotely similar to a baby. Sir Thomas Wyatt By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our. The shepherds, instead of immediately forgiving him and moving on, punish him cruelly. At the sight of Jesus, the 3rd Shepherd says, “Hail, darling dear, full of godhead! Another comparison of importance is the comparison of Mak, the sheep stealer, to a wolf. They tend to speak words that would not have been spoken until after the death of Christ, and they utter phrases that tend towards later in time than the nativity. Carol Pratt. . The Second Shepherds’ Play teaches wonderful moral lessons. Approaching to cot where Gill and her “baby” lie, the Third Shepherd remarks, “What the devil is this? According to the History Learning Cite, the Church was absolutely the most important part of medieval society. Since man’s agency was believed to be limitless, his place within The Great Chain of Being was complicated. I feel so left out! The Church was viewed as having the answers to everything and anything that would happen, especially when something bad happened. As in the original storyline, Mak’s wife (Eve) leads Mak (Adam) into sin by convincing him to participate in the robbery: “A good trick have I spied, since thou can none: Here shall we him hide, till they be gone; in my cradle abide.” (330) The writer then shows the shepherds as equally vulnerable to the overwhelming persuasiveness of sin in their actions. The shepherds represent the side of the good. After completing The Second Shepherd’s Play , readers tend to identify Aeschylus’s title with more than just the birth of a pious savior. Intruders then enter and steal the couple’s food and later want to shave the man and kiss his wife, at which point the man speaks up in protest. Shmoop University, Inc. n.d. The sub-stories in The Second Shepherd’s Play are differently themed. 2008. 55BC-410: Latin speaking Romans occupy England Sexual love was seen as the presence of spiritual bonds in literature, arising from new found knowledge of Platonic love. (including. This time in history can be seen as the beginning of the turn to reason and the loss of faith. 25 Nov. 2013. They determined the language of an entire continent. 1147: Second Crusade, 1154-1189: 1667 Paradise Lost, Although there is no official consensus regarding the exact beginning and end of the Medieval Period, it is most commonly associated with the collapse of the Roman Empire, around the 5th century, and leading up all the way to the 15th century, which is widely considered (though the exact beginning is disputed) the beginning of the Renaissance Period. Instead of forgiving Mak for his deception and thievery, they punish him physically and in a cruel, odd manner. The author exemplifies the importance of language, in that, if the story was to be translated it may lose some of it’s uniqueness and effect. Sexual love was seen as the presence of spiritual bonds in literature, arising from new found knowledge of Platonic love. However, there are some archetypes that break this cycle like the Trickster or Witch who break the social norms and stand out, displaying qualities of cunning intelligence, intimidation, and power. . Christopher Marlowe 23 Nov. 2013. 1648: Second Civil War Carol Pratt. Although nothing is known about the author, or the origins of the plays, it is agreed by several scholars that they date sometime between 1400-1450. 1066: Norman invasion of England According to Christianity, people are supposed to forgive people and show them kindness no matter what. War of the Roses 577: England converts to Christianity A tithe is a tax that is one tenth of a persons yearly earnings or goods that had to be given to the Church. With that being said, the renewed interest in the Bible a piece of literature led to its unforeseeable influence in modern literature, where Biblical allusions and symbols were experimented with; this influence is visible in the works of John Donne (Holy Sonnets), John Milton (Paradise Lost), and Andrew Marvell (“The Garden”). It appears that the two shepherd plays were not intended to be performed together since many of the themes and ideas of the first play carry over to the second one. Mak has asked his wife to disguise the sheep as a baby, pretending that she has just given birth. On the continent, the development of Medieval literature–stemming from the preservation of culture and heroic adventures within epic poems–is a direct result of Charlemagne’s desire to educate his people in 800, which was only made possible through an emphasis on the teachings of the Catholic Church. This is the approved revision of this page, as well as being the most recent. 7 Dec 2013 . The husband and wife enter a deal: whoever speaks first must bar the door. This idea quickly caught on, partly due to the ability to widely distribute material through the printing press, and spread like wildfire throughout Europe. Performance of plays outside of the church became popular around the 12th century when they became more widely accessible to the general population. . “Middle Ages” http://www.lordsandladies.org/index.htm. The Church held entirely all of the power in medieval times, and was very well-respected. N.p., n.d. Seriously, I would like to know what the playwrights intended these gifts to mean. The biblical portion of the play, a retelling of the Visitation of the Shepherds, comes only after a longer, invented story that mirrors it, in which the shepherds, before visiting the holy baby outside in a manger, must first rescue one of their sheep that has been hidden in a cradle indoors by a comically evil sheep-stealing couple.

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