US Holocaust Memorial Museum; This content is available in the following languages. Five British destroyers surprise a German force of ten destroyers near Narvik.

To Hitler, taking over Austria – a move known as Anschluss – was simply the expansion of Germany to its natural borders. But the reason for its invasion in 1940 was a strategic one. Northern Jutland in Denmark would provide a good base for launching that attack.

Allied naval guns open up on German positions at Narvik in preparation for a ground assault. Since the First World War, France had built a line of tough concrete defences along its border with Germany – the Maginot Line.

There had been an attempt to include Austria in a larger Germany in 1918 though other countries blocked this. At the same time, a single parachute battalion (the first ever employed in warfare) took the Oslo and Stavanger airfields, and 800 operational aircraft overawed the Norwegian population. The invasion commenced on April 9th, 1940 and went on to write another chapter in the growing story of World War 2. The Norwegian government joins several other powers as a government-in-exile. Under the leadership of Adolph Hitler, Germany invaded over twenty countries in Europe and Africa.

And so, for convenience rather than any other purpose, Germany invaded. WW2 Events (Chronological Order 1939-1945). In the case of the German invasion of Norway, these reasons were of the utmost importance. Allied forces at Harstad begin their evacuation of the area. Main telephone: 202.488.0400 Denmark was smaller than Germany, and taking her out helped secure the northern land border. Hitler now added a second and third conquered nation to …

With war underway, the Germans could hardly leave the British with bases of operations just off the occupied French coast. Though it leaned more towards Britain than Germany, the British and French had laid plans to invade it before the Germans could, securing those vital resources. HMS Glowworm intercepts a portion of the German invasion fleet headed to Norway.

We would like to thank The Crown and Goodman Family and the Abe and Ida Cooper Foundation for supporting the ongoing The Germans at Narvik held out against five times as many British and French troops until May 27.

At the start of the war, Italy was Germany’s strongest ally. By this time the Germans had about 25,000 troops in Norway. On some level, economic reasons underlie many wars. The resistance helped nearly all Denmark's 8,000 Jews were helped to escape to Sweden and in 1943 the Freedom Council, an underground government, was established. The region was conceded to Germany by the Czech government in an attempt to avoid war after the Germans made demands for it to be handed over. Because of Anglo-French arguments, the date of the mining was postponed from April 5 to April 8. World War II - World War II - The invasion of Norway: British plans for landings on the Norwegian coast in the third week of March 1940 were temporarily postponed. In the early morning of 9 April 1940 (Wesertag, "Weser Day"), Germany occupied Denmark and invaded Norway, ostensibly as a preventive manoeuvre against a planned, and openly discussed, Franco -British occupation of Norway known as Plan R 4 (actually developed as a response to any German aggression against Norway). On 7 July 1941, the defence of Iceland was transferred from Britain to the United States, which was still a neutral country until five months later.

Invasion of Norway - WW2 Timeline (April 9th - June 10th, 1940). Facts about Denmark in World War 2 talk about the occupation of Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

Washington, DC 20024-2126 Norwegian resistance at Narvik, at Trondheim (the strategic key to Norway), at Bergen, at Stavanger, and at Kristiansand had been overcome very quickly; and Oslo’s effective resistance to the seaborne forces was nullified when German troops from the airfield entered the city.

The Norwegian military is ordered to surrender. The invasion commenced on April 9th, 1940 and went on to write another chapter in the growing story of World War 2.

British aerial bombing of KMS Admiral Hipper, KMS Gneisenau, and KMS Scharnhorst fail to net the needed results.

Norway had ice-free ports with access to the north Atlantic, with its trade routes vital to Europe. For Hitler, this fulfilled two aims.

Map German invasion of Denmark and Norway, 1940. The Germans, however, landed fresh troops in the rear of the British at Namsos and advanced up the Gudbrandsdal from Oslo against the force at Åndalsnes. The British also lose a pair of destroyers in the action. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. (Reynaud had come into office on the surge of the French public’s demand for a more aggressive military policy and quicker offensive action against Germany.) Opposition to the German occupation grew and anti-Nazi newspapers began to appear in Denmark.

Allied defenses and the German plan of attack; The fall of the Netherlands (May 10–14, 1940) The Battle of Belgium and the defense of the Channel ports (May 10–June 4, 1940) The panzer breakthrough; The Belgian collapse and the Dunkirk evacuation Southern Denmark contained some German speaking people, and there were Nazis who hoped to occupy it in time.

Norway was an important territory for the Nazis to occupy, strategically rather than ideologically. As in much of Europe, there were many people in Germany who feared Communism, and Hitler had added fuel to this fear, using it to support his rise to power. 4. British plans for landings on the Norwegian coast in the third week of March 1940 were temporarily postponed. Having brought most Germans together, Hitler wanted more space for them to live in. The invasion of Denmark and the Danish Resistance during World War II Kindle Edition by Niels Jensen (Author), DRSC Publishers (Editor), DRSC Translators (Translator) & Format: Kindle Edition. By 1943, losses on every front made Italians unhappy about the war. By May 2, both Namsos and Åndalsnes were evacuated by the British.

The Allies are able to make some gains near Narvik. An Allied rescue force made up of British, Polish, and French begin arriving at Namsos, Alesund, and Narvik. View the list of all donors. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, however, was by that time convinced that some aggressive action ought to be taken; and Paul Reynaud, who succeeded Édouard Daladier as France’s premier on March 21, was of the same opinion. Denmark was liberated by Allied forces on 5th May 1945. The other was that it let him test how far he could push other European powers, who backed down rather than defend Czechoslovakia from German threats.

A sizeable German invasion force was sent northward to claim the Scandinavian country - giving it a land corridor to valuable Swedish ore. Tags. Hitler had on April 1 ordered the German invasion of Norway to begin on April 9; so, when on April 8 the Norwegian government was preoccupied with earnest protest about the British mine laying, the German expeditions were well on their way.

It was agreed that mines should be laid in Norwegian waters and that the mining should be followed by the landing of troops at four Norwegian ports, Narvik, Trondheim, Bergen, and Stavanger. They rescued Mussolini and used him as head of a puppet government in the north. Right: Norwegian troops with Krag-Jørgensen rifles north of Narvik, Norway, May 1940 Bottom: German Ju 52 aircraft flying over the crash site of a German Bf 110 fighter, near Oslo and Fornebu, Norway, 1940 Why Germany Invaded Norway and Denmark Germany had no plans to invade Norway or Denmark when World War II began.. Hitler considered it advantageous to have a … The rest were German and eastern European refugees. Italy was now effectively occupied by two opposing armies – that of the Germans in the north and the Allies in the south. He believed it was necessary for his plans, that the Soviets should be defeated, however, hard that would be. The occupation of Nazi Germany in the country was very different because many Danish institutions were … Allied forces abandon their missions at Namsos and Andalsnes.

Herman Göring, the head of the Luftwaffe, feared that the Dutch might respond by allowing the British to use their air bases to launch attacks against the Germans. When Germany occupied Denmark on April 9, 1940, the Jewish population was approximately 7,500, accounting for 0.2% of the country's total population. What was to happen in Norway became a less important question for the western powers when, on May 10, 1940, they were surprised by Hitler’s long-debated stroke against them through the Low Countries.

The invasion of Norway is complete, the victory going to the Germans. At the beginning of World War II, Iceland was a sovereign kingdom in personal union with Denmark, with King Christian X as head of state. Duringan evacuation operation, the French destroyer Bison and the British destroyer Afridi are sunk by air attack.

A lively and informative new podcast for kids that the whole family will enjoy! KMS Konigsberg, a German light cruiser, becomes the first warship sunk by dive bombing at Bergen. It was through a war with France in 1870-1 that Germany was united, and France was among the Allied powers that had beaten Germany in the First World War. The Norwegian king Haakon VII and his government left Norway for Britain at the same time. About 6,000 of these Jews were Danish citizens. The Nazis were ideologically opposed to the Communist ideas under which the Soviet Union was run. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, however, was by that time convinced that some aggressive action ought to be taken; and Paul Reynaud, who succeeded Édouard Daladier as France’s premier on March 21, was of the same opinion. The Second Battle of Narvik nets the British eight German destroyers and a submarine. Shortly afterward, British troops were landed also at Namsos and at Åndalsnes, to attack Trondheim from the north and from the south, respectively. Nine German cargo ships are lost as well as two destroyers. Its officials board HMS Devonshire for their escape. 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW The British lose HMS Effingham when it runs aground near Narvik. When Germany launched an invasion into Denmark and Norway on April 9th, 1940, the official At the outset of World War II in September 1939, Denmark declared itself neutral. But the reason for its invasion in 1940 was a strategic one. Norwegian coastal guns sink the German cruiser Blucher with 1,600 lives being lost. HMS Glorious is sunk by KMS Scharnhorst and KMS Gneisenau.

Like the occupation of the Sudetenland, that of Austria was part of a drive towards a great Germany. On 9th April 1940, Denmark was occupied by Operation Weserübung.

HMS Rodney, a British battlecruiser, engages the German warships KMS Gneisenau and KMS Scharnhorst. This occupation was obviously necessary for the safety of their communications with Norway. In Denmark, King Christian X, convinced his army could not fight off a German invasion, surrendered almost immediately. Though mainland Britain stood free of invasion, the Channel Islands, being closer to France than England, were occupied by the Nazis. And so the Netherlands, like Belgium and Denmark, found itself invaded for reasons of strategic convenience. German warplanes destroyer the city of Bodo. For most of the war, the country was a protectorate and then an occupied territory of Germany. It also provided access to the mines of mineral rich Sweden to the south and east. Revenge for that war was a huge part of Hitler’s agenda, making war between the two countries almost inevitable. The German invasion force strikes Norway and Denmark.

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