Hey look, we’re in Oakland. We knew. We were like, “We can just continue this.”. We wanted the best for one another, and we understood we were a team. Think of the coaches on that side of the ball: Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, Rex Ryan, Mike Smith, Steve Shafer and Donnie Henderson. For [the Titans] to go ahead with the field goal — and I jumped offsides. But they don’t just take one team’s defense and leave the offense at home. They kept the defense together to allow us to continue to grow together and expand on our game plans and our playbook. As it went on, confidence built. The '84 Dolphins were the 7th Scoring Defense in the NFL that year. I can’t put it on any one game necessarily. The Polynesian Bowl announced Wednesday that Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer will serve as head coaches of its 2021 contest. They understood that if we were going places, we were going as a team. Our offense got the ball back, moved it 20 yards and kicked a field goal. I think it was the time period that we went through a stretch of five games without scoring an offensive touchdown and we won three. The Super Bowl to me was just like on a whole other stratosphere, so my mind couldn’t even go there. The next play, Keith Washington came in and blocked the field goal. But they look silly!

Even among Super Bowl champions, this team was remarkable. That’s when we realized that we could do big things.

After taking over as the Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback mid-season, Dilfer led his team to a Super Bowl XXXV berth against the New York Giants. Oh hey, we won again. If you need a refresher, Dilfer was on The Herd with Colin Cowherd leading up to the big game when he suggested that the Chiefs might meet the same fate as Dan Marino’s Miami Dolphins and John Elway’s Denver Broncos when their teams ran up against the old 49ers dynasty in Super Bowls. When we knew something was special about that particular year was in training camp prior to the season starting. So we discovered our identity at that point. … I don’t know — 23, 24 years old, just a really young football player that was living in the moment. We came together, we became better, we became stronger and went on to win 11 straight games after that.

… For me, being young, I was tired. They could see it. That was a mentality that I think we all shared. "I'm excited to be part of the 2021 Polynesian Bowl," Dilfer said. … We all talked about going to the Super Bowl. It was just a tight group of guys. (h/t to @jbbrisco who you should follow, for reminding me of this clip on Twitter). I think at the beginning of the season because we had accumulate at putting these stats on the board. It's going to be a lot of fun coaching these elite athletes."Â. When I got there in training camp. So it was that combination of having that defense intact and keeping those players every year. Just give us a little time.” Because scrimmaging and practicing against them and seeing them in training camp, you knew what you were up against. I think it was the Tennessee game [in the playoffs] for me. It was just a fun feel. "The Polynesian Bowl is going to be an incredible cultural experience," Williams said. The Polynesian Bowl announced Wednesday that Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer will serve as head coaches … They didn’t have one winning record in their first four seasons. I think we were the first team to ever beat Tennessee [at then-Adelphia Coliseum] — they hadn’t lost a home game.

The defense is just too good and explosive.” Come to find out, we were what I thought we were. — Swank Stram (@emceereach) January 28, 2020. But I felt like just because we were on that winning streak, we didn’t want to give that up. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of that magical season, PressBox reached out to numerous prominent members of the team with the question, “When did you know the 2000 Ravens had a chance to win the Super Bowl and why?” Here’s what they told us. And one of the things that happened for me was that I actually was one of those individuals as well that they called up to address [the team]. My wife kind of tells me the story. … Tennessee was one of those teams that always felt like as an offensive player that there were 13 guys on the other side. TF you talking about? That meant something, I think to us, that we dominated. The annual all-star game features about 100 of the nation's top seniors and aims to celebrate football as well as Polynesian culture. 32 pick has a checkered NFL Draft history, Why the Chiefs should trade out of the NFL Draft's first round, DeMar DeRozan Says Kobe Bryant Ripped Him for Not Wearing His Shoes in Game, Kansas City Chiefs focus is clearly on offensive interior, Examining Brett Veach's tendencies in free agency, trades, and the NFL Draft. Trent Dilfer thinks we could be looking at a blowout in the Super Bowl. So today, while we are all stuck in our houses, I figured I’d drop a little reminder to you all about how wrong Trent Dilfer was about the Super Bowl.

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images).

Middle Linebacker Ray LewisAs Written To PressBox. Two weeks later, that’s exactly what happened. It was just different, the way that they all handled that. We didn’t so much have an up-front issue where we were just getting physically beat, and we had some smart coaches so we weren’t getting outcoached. We just really did the opposite. What are you doing?” We didn’t do that. It is ok if you don’t recall this. Viewers want predictions with their analysis and everything and everything the analysts say is on tape. It was just the Ravens and Ozzie [Newsome] doing a great job of doing that and the fact that Marvin put stats up. I’m not sure what he hurt. I haven’t seen anything like it since then, and I don’t think it’ll ever be duplicated. So, how DID the Baltimore Ravens win Super Bowl XXXV? The '89 Broncos were the league's top scoring defense. “All right, we’re in the playoffs.” Let’s start looking at the landscape of the league and who you’re playing and you realize, “Holy cow, we have a chance.” Certainly, we had the best defense in the NFL, and by that point we had gotten established with Trent [Dilfer] in there and realized we were going to run the football with Jamal [Lewis].

We’ve just got to keep the other kids, the other team, from scoring.” So I think it was a combination of those two things for me is what made me realize that we can go as far as we want to, no matter what. Trent Farris Dilfer (born March 13, 1972) is a former football quarterback in the National Football League. But it doesn’t really matter how good you think you are until you go out there and win games. And in order for us to have success as a team, there couldn’t be no infighting, there couldn’t be no finger-pointing. We were worried about what we were going to do when we get our interception. NFL and the NFL shield design are registered trademarks of the National Football League.The team names, logos and uniform designs are registered trademarks of the teams indicated. For me, I didn’t even think about the Super Bowl until we clinched a playoff spot.

It is highly recommended that you use the latest versions of a supported browser in order to receive an optimal viewing experience. I think that was it in a nutshell for me. I hope it gives you a chuckle during these difficult times. He was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sixth overall in the 1994 NFL Draft and went on to play for the Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers. … It was obvious in training camp that we were going to be really good, and with the way we were flying around and making plays, I hadn’t seen anything like it. No one ever shamed the offense. I just came off the NFC championship Bucs team. It wasn’t work. I got there and it was about a week into training camp. We could have easily done it, but we didn’t because we were a mature team. … I think really for me, after the Jets game, I was like, “Man, I’m in a little zone.” I had a lot going on. I remember at the end of the season, I kept saying, “The season’s over because the season’s over.” There wasn’t anybody else to play. We just dominated that Denver game.” That’s when it started snowballing and you started to think, “Man, we could run this out.” But there wasn’t any preconceived idea that that was going to happen because it’s just so tight on those playoff games, you never know where it’s going to go. Dilfer, the head coach of the prominent QB camp Elite 11 and Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, Tennessee, was the starting QB for the SB-winning 2000 Ravens and 14-year veteran. Covering Baltimore sports, from high school to the pros since 2006. You know how easy that could have been. So it was crazy. I was like, “All right, OK.”Now, if we lose to Tennessee, “OK, all right, we’ll chalk it up, great season.” But then as the game changes — and you see it a little bit with the Ray Lewis hit against Eddie George — and we win that game, all the sudden my mind switches. Once we stopped doing that, we maintained ball control, we did a little chess game with field position because Kyle [Richardson] was punting everybody inside the 20 and our defense was holding them to [no] yards. … That was probably the first time that I noticed that we had a chance to win everything. Vaughn McClure, a longtime NFL reporter for ESPN, died this week at his residence near Atlanta, the network announced. The defense, led by breakout star linebacker Ray Lewis, was historically dominant, and quarterback Trent Dilfer was capable of managing an offense that … We were getting beat during that time because we were turning the ball over. I had hit that wall even though it was my second season in the NFL. And they were kind of holding the mantle even though they weren’t that good at that time. We’re going to score!” That’s really what stuck out to me about that year, because our defense was so spectacular — especially for that five games, it was brutal just trying to get through that without scoring a touchdown. He played college football at Fresno State University. If we’re going to the Super Bowl, we’re going as a unit.” And I said, “We’re going to get our side fixed. They talked about overcoming obstacles. It’s time to go to a Super Bowl.”. I think the thing is that we had some veteran guys — myself on the offensive side, Trent [Dilfer] came in and started starting, and then you had Ray [Lewis] and Rod Woodson. [Brian] Billick made the difficult decision to bring in a quarterback that was going to manage the game better and not turn the ball over. That was the day where I thought, “We can win this whole thing.” That was to me, as a young player, that’s what I saw. There are simplistic ways to answer the question, “How did the Baltimore Ravens win Super Bowl XXXV?” The defense, led by breakout star linebacker Ray Lewis, was historically dominant, and quarterback Trent Dilfer was capable of managing an offense that relied on hard-running rookie Jamal Lewis. We'll never pass along your email address to spammers, scammers, or the like. We know that offseason, everything that Ray [Lewis] had to come off of with the trial. And the next day, in the team meeting, I presented the team with a minute-by-minute, practice-by-practice, week-by-week outline in detail of between then and going to the Super Bowl — playoff practices, meetings, time off all the way to the end. We stayed together.

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