Founded in 1925 by evangelical minister Dr. Clinton Churchill as an outlet for his church, WKBW is most noted for it place in music history as a rock & roll pioneer and a Top 40 powerhouse. Starr), Song: Pop-Top (I'll Play For You - Seals & (You Belong To Me - Carly Simon), Song: Pop-Top It became a soundtrack for Buffalo, New York for countless generations. "All outside as well as on air references confined station identification to ...KBW.

He later changed his name to: Shadoe Stevens. Carpenters), Song: Pop-Top (Song Sung Blue - Neil Diamond), Song: Pop-Top

Douglas), Song: Pop-Top (Have You Never Been Mellow - Year: 1971, Song: Pop-Top

The promotion worked. The "club" included a weekly newsletter and discounts from KB advertisers. Sugarloaf), Song: Pop-Top Series 22 and 23 were made for WKBW at the same time. During the same era, Johnny Barrett and Perry Allen as a stunt "fired" Dick Biondi on the air for playing an "unauthorized" Elvis record.

(A Cowboy's Work is Never Done - Cher), Song: Pop-Top Dog Night), Song: Pop-Top (No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice His latest hit's include jingles for Hamburg Overhead Door and West-Herr Automotive. Shirley & Company), Song: Pop-Top (Hello Dolly - Louis Here's my card, front and back.

Armstrong), Song: Pop-Top (Good Vibrations - Beach "KB was a hit from day one.". ", THE TOP 30 K-BIG SOUNDS OF THE WEEK FOR JULY 4 - 10, 1958(WKBW Radio's FIRST song survey), 3.

Airchexx - Radio Airchecks From The Past! (The Drum - Bobby Sherman), Song: Pop-Top

A member of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and one time organist for the Buffalo Sabres and the Toronto Blue Jays, Ken Kaufman is best known throughout Western New York and Canada as the "genius jingle writer".

Several major stations, including WKBW, WLS, KFRC, WRKO and WFIL, carried these little gems. The next day I was fired. (Sylvia's Mother - Dr. Hook), Song: Pop-Top Here's my card, front and back.

(Never Can Say Goodbye - Jackson 5), Song: Pop-Top over to me; I wrote, co-produced and/or sang on about 1/2 of the pop tops we Users who like WKBW Buffalo NY - PAMS 23 Sono Magic - Acap Blooper - Final K-BIG Feature #2: Visit the history WKBW Radio Studios located at 1430 Main Street. for sound-alikes for the popular artists of the day, whom he then brought into A specially written and produced "KB Preview Party" was broadcast from 12 Noon to 2 PM on Friday, July 4th. Users who reposted this track.

Weather Bureau forecast. Please contact us at. Song: Pop-Top (Sunshine On My Shoulders - ", Years later Ken was playing keyboards in the well-know Buffalo band 'The Road' when a local production house asked him to write a jingle for a local car company. I say that affectionately -- Mike is a genius in radio programming. (You've Got a Friend - James Taylor), Song: Pop-Top

Year: 1971, Song: Pop-Top

KLIF was a marvelously successful station but, I couldn't have made a better choice. Writing them was a group effort - as I remember.

(Horse With No Name - America), Song: Pop-Top Crofts), Song: Pop-Top (Only Women - Alice Cooper), Song: Pop-Top (You're No Good - Linda

Click image to learn more.

The changes at the station went far deeper than programming and promotion. As program director of WBNY, he shot the 250 watter from near obscurity into first place on both the Pulse and Hooper surveys. Information and pictures on Buffalo's DL&W Terminal (Lackawanna Railroad), Future site of Buffalo casino. You can get more information at his website. The

I'd been offered a gig, at the same time, from KLIF in Dallas.

I just wonder if anyone has a copy of the WKBW jingles package - 'Now Radio Comes Alive - You're Listening to 'KB'.

(Wild Night - Van Morrison) story behind Pop-Tops... "Joey Reynolds had the idea and maybe did it first I was thinking NBC...old, ultra classy posturing. (Thunder and Lightning - Chi Coltrane), Song: Pop-Top I also ripped a phone off the wall and threw it at Mike Joseph in Buffalo -- missing him by a hair.

"I once threw an ashtray at Gene Taylor. Mountain - Donnie & Marie Osmond), Song: Pop-Top (Shame, Shame, Shame - (The Free Electric Band - Albert Hammond), Song: Pop-Top (No One to Depend On - Santana), Song: Pop-Top

Series 24-His and Her Radio (1962) The "his and her" lyric theme wasn't too big a hit, so a Series 24A (WFUN) version was also released with more top-40 oriented lyrics. Year: 1974, Song: Pop-Top (You're Sixteen - Ringo Starr), Song: Pop-Top (The Show Must Go On - Three Biondi lost weight skulking about. (Everything I Own - Bread), Song: Pop-Top

(Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen), Song: Pop-Top

Church, Broadway/Fillmore, The Broadway Market, The Buffalo Central Terminal. (September - Earth, Wind and Fire), Song: Pop-Top What to my wondering ear should appear but a polka, hold everything! Boys), Song: Pop-Top (The No No Song - Ringo (Smiling Faces Sometimes - Undisputed Ken says "I made more money with that jingle than I made in a month with the band." The young lady who won lived 100 miles from Buffalo. When he left I told somebody: "My boss is going to the movies, and if you see him going down Main Street, he's got a gray Chevy Impala convertible ... throw stones at him.

(Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard - Paul Simon), Song: Pop-Top Please contact us at, Late 1950s Ad featuring studios on 1430 Main Street and Hamburg transmitter site. Road, John Culliton Mahoney, The Pincushions, Big Wheelie and The Hubcaps,

Year: 1978, Song: Pop-Top Sigs UTC Date area 530 CM-- "Radio Rebelde, Habana area, // 5025 xf RVCI" F 05:35 11/09/2007 530 RVCI "R. Vision Cristiana, Turks and Caico "With hope and dreams, I turned on the ever present transistor receiver. Ken says his most well know piece is the "Tops Never Stops" jingle that the grocery chain hasn't used in thirteen years but everyone seems to remember. These "jingles" were Baubles, Bangles And Beads - Kirby Stone Four, 12.

(Mother and Child Reunion - Paul Simon) Listeners were asked to search for the "WKBW $200 Mystery Telephone Number," a number chosen from the Buffalo directory.

Click image to learn more. K-BIG Feature #1: Forgotten Buffalo Celebrated the 50th Anniversary of KB's Format Change to Top 40. Lawrence meant the 4th of July; Allen showed up the 4th of May. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?

Click image to learn more. (Baby I'm-A Want You - Bread), Song: Pop-Top The gauntlet was tossed to the audience, "Find the individual concerned and win a swimming pool."

Al is in both the Buffalo and New York State Broadcasters Hall of Fame. (Willpower Weak, Temptation Strong - Bullet). After Buffalo, we spend over 40 years in San Francisco radio, WKBW First Top 40 morning man: Perry Allen. Have something to share?

Featuring a look at Buffalo's Polonia: St. Stanislaus B.M. Paula 50 kW NBC sounded better to my sadly warped values. For three weeks prior to July 4th, a teaser campaign was used to stimulate interest in the arrival of "audio activity" when "Future Sonic Radio comes to Buffalo."

In addition, a WKBW Community Bulletin Board was featured on all disc jockeys shifts which highlighted activities of local churches, schools and civic organizations. In the Nation's Capital, he sat on the Board of Directors of AFTRA, was a staff announcer for WPIK and WWDC, and a freelance television performer.

Year: 1971, Song: Pop-Top Art Roberts, formerly with Gordon McClendon and more recently the afternoon man at WCUE, Akron Ohio handled the 2 to 6 PM slot. No content may be copied or reused without written permission from Forgotten Buffalo.

Freq Call "Station, Location, Details."

Station management gave each of the new disc jockeys a membership in the Junior Chamber of Commerce and several other civic organizations in-order increase their visibility not only to listeners but to business and civic leaders who would supply KB with needed advertising dollars. Born in Boston, educated in suburban Philadelphia, Lawrence considered Washington, D.C. his home. Clint Jr, an admirer of Top 40 pioneer Gordon McClendon, utilized many of McClendon's tricks in the first years of Futuresonic Radio. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud. John), Song: Pop-Top (Stay With Me - Rod Stewart), Song: Pop-Top (Could Have Been A Lady - April Wine), Song: Pop-Top (I Saw The Light - Todd Rundgren), Song: Pop-Top (Wake Up Little Susie - Everly Bros.), Description: Pop-Top

Radio Scrapbook Pop-Top/Mingles called Pop-Tops - they were also known as "Mingles" and "Song-Overs"- but first, former

Its aim was to set a high moral standard for Buffalo youth and safe driving pledges, something that would be attractive to advertisers afraid that the new sounds would promote juvenile delinquency. On July 3rd, 12 beautiful models, all wearing toreador pants and banners proclaiming them to be "Miss KB" toured downtown streets and businesses distributing the station's new Top 30 tunes sheets and fliers stating, "It's Hot! (Everybody's Everything - Santana), Song: Pop-Top

He is also a pioneer of cable television in Buffalo. Year: 1974, Song: Pop-Top

"Other, that is, than the fact is was a 50kw NBC affiliate.

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